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I attended Digital Formative assessment, Genius Hour and Math in PL. During the Digital Formative Assessment session, I learned about different websites we can use as formative assessments that are quick, easy and engaging for students. The presen (More)
Reflection to Thomas
I would love to use Seesaw in the classroom. Thomas has some great points on how to start.   THANK YOU =) (More)
This was my first formal intro to PL since I am new to Sully. I went in looking for ways to fit PL into EL and kindergarten. I was pleased to see that I have used a version of PL before - allowing students choice and differentiated choice. I apprecia (More)
Reflection Stark
Google sites looks interesting and seems like something that would be useful for putting information out about class activities.  I would be interested in putting this into action within my classroom. (More)
The session Reflection was a great overview with a tremendous amount of resources and suggestions using 4 core continuum of learning.   Goal setting, reflection and ownership are a significant part of reflection.  Students are accountable for goal se (More)
Digital Formative Assessments: The Digital Formative Assessments offers different options to give assessments (i.e., Answer Garden, Quizzes, Flipgrid).  With some of these apps, it gives the students the choice to make their own videos to answer a (More)
Data and its Role in Station Rotation Teaching
This was a very relevant workshop. After chatting with many colleagues I am glad I attended something more relevant to Elementary grades. Ian was great and had much experience with schools similar to Sully. I feel like a big take away is the reminder (More)
I attended the PL session: Take Your Class to Hollywood:  Simple Ways to Use a Greenscreen in Your Classroom. I've been curious about using a Greenscreen in the classroom and know my students would love it! It's a great way for students to present (More)
PLaPalooza Highlights
Responding to Marlon's post on SeeSaw... I really love these ideas to use SeeSaw! I used it last year, but didn't take advantage of all the awesome features it had. I want to start using it as a way to see what students are doing during their play (More)
Responding to Bear's Reflection
I really like the math ideas that you are providing, including Woot Math because the students need to practice showing their work and what that looks like.  I like the star on the thing they are focusing on today.  I think that would really help the (More)
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