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I love Genius Hour. I love the concepts behind Genius Hour ( having students explore and discover things they enjoy). Students choose something they want to learn about (ex: fashion, colors, etc) and they complete an in-depth research project on that (More)
PLaPalooza Reflection
I really enjoyed having the opportunity to explore PL.  As a new teacher in elementary and LCPS, it has required a bit of a shift in thinking. The sessions I attended crossed age groups and it was interesting to hear how teachers at all levels are ap (More)
Because I presented with Sergio during the first 2 sessions I was only able to see one presentation this morning. As I walked the halls towards the room I was told by a colleague that the room I was headed to was only taking secondary attendees. I ma (More)
Woot Math
I love the idea of being able to give students examples of how to show their work.  With Woot Math, students complete a problem and then as they submit their work, their answers populate so others can see different ways to show work for the same prob (More)
About Bear's Post....
LOVE the idea of PBL in the playlist, that seems like a really unique way to start bringing in more real-world exposure to why we are learning this and places where they can use it as they grow. (More)
Reply to Stotler
I also attended this and am very glad I did. It really solidified what we started in 3rd and reinforced what we are trying in 5th this year. Having a year of this with 3rd grade already under my belt I drew on my experiences from last year and felt t (More)
My thoughts on another's slide
I read Christine Chandler's slide about the different types of playlists we can implement in our classrooms.   I feel that it is  in my comfort zone to use the more basic playlist form with a task and an accountability piece, but Christine shared man (More)
Reflection on Farrill and Stark's posts
I was particularly interested in the posts about the Google tools that were created by Chelsey Farrill and Alison Stark. These posts pointed out that Google Sites can be just as useful in the classroom as Google Classroom. Chelsey made the point that (More)
PLAPALOOZA Slide Reflection - Nina Neal
Nina attended the Discovery Ed session and shared some information with me. I love the idea of putting together a board to hep support our EL learners. The boards can have video, text, audio, and games. I look forward to exploring this resource more. (More)
Where to begin in the world of PL? Today was very beneficial to my virgin PL eyes. This was only my second PD for PL and I am so glad that we got to participate in this event. Having the opportunity to choose between different PD and presenters wa (More)
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