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Reflecting on Sarah B.'s Google Form PD
I LOVED this! I had no idea that you could create a Google form to create a playlist or an assessment that can also double as a feedback and reteaching system. When I think about the common mistakes in math, we can now direct students to targeted vid (More)
PLaPalooza- Solano: Digital Formative Assessments
Solano: Digital Formative Assessments Digital age has so much to offer. I believe that this  kind of assessment improves learning engagement and promotes deeper learning.  At the start it will time for the students understand the process but event (More)
PLaPalooza Reflection
I found today's PLaPalooza very interesting.  The Discovery Education session was very informative.  I learned how to create boards on specific topics math, science and social studies.  Teachers can also search other existing boards to use as well.  (More)
Genius Hour
Both Ariana and Jocelyn posted about Genius Hour in lower elementary as part of their takeaways. I would love to be able to help K-2 develop their own versions of Genius Hour in order to promote this type of thinking. We are currently dipping our toe (More)
Stahler Feedback
I enjoyed my PL day at HHS.  I was able to chat with other educators about important topics ranging from how to use Google Sites to quickly build my own websites, to the use of digital formative assessments, all the way to how we as teachers can refl (More)
Slide Show Reflection
As I looked through the slides, I was interested in Ms. Melton's slide.  The Levels of Understanding were a great idea for the classroom and an easy way for students to assess and report their own learning. She provided a great connection to "fist-to (More)
Murphy's Reflection
I really enjoyed the sessions I went to this morning. In Hannah's session I was able to find at least 2 different online assessment ideas to use with my students. I already made an exit ticket for content for this week! My second session was on Geniu (More)
I love this idea of another version of goal setting.  WOOP!  This seems a little more real for elementary students.  The students may need help with "obstacle" but this is something you can put music to and have a lively celebration of WOOP goals (More)
SPED PL Round table Discussion This session gave the Special Education Teachers to discuss Personalized learning. We were asked to define PL, give strategies to create a playlist, give the pros and cons, and how PL can accommodate the needs of the (More)
Stahler's Slide Response
Seth this was great! We use Quizizz and Kahoot! but I this is my first of hearing about Plickers and I am intrigued! I can't wait to try this out! (More)
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