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Hidden Figures
I watched this movie a long time ago but recently I watched it again. I forgot how inspiring and good it was. It is about three African American women who work at NASA and are the brains of the whole operation. The launch of John Glenn, an amazing ac (More)
Did The US Know About Pearl Harbor Before It Happened???
Mid WWII, December 7, 1941, the island of Hawaii was bombed by Japanese planes, causing the US to declare war on Japan and join WWII. Many sources claim that the bombing was a 'surprise' to all of the United States, yet many historians claim that FDR (More)
Small Town U.S.A
Marietta, Ohio is a beautiful small town full of history and love. (More)
How To: Write the Final Draft and Publishing
These last two steps are the final ones before your article goes out into the world to see. Normally these last two steps are also (More)