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A Day At The Fair
By: Anisa Kalai   Screams and laughter floating through the air, bright lights and tasty sights only at the fair. Fluffy cotton candy, crunchy funnel cake, add some fried oreos, it’s worth the stomach ache. Sticky fingers clutc (More)
The Run Away Balloon
Indraja Kirvelaitis above our heads pale green leaves shiver softly whispering into the wind a shower of sunlight falling through the leaves its warm drops warming my face your eyes fluttered looking at the little girl chasin (More)
A Winding Dirt Trail
A winding dirt trail is where it began through the vast vegetation and the cheering, colorful birds the dark green Forest on either side of me highlighting the path I longed to take as I mounted my metal horse and aquired my armor the (More)
We hope for a day
By:Sydney Andrea We hope for a day when children can play, Safe and free from harm. Where lockdown drills remain just drills, A future where no childrens lives are lost. No more parents mourning their children, Whos lives were taken (More)
The Game
  By: GraysonStiles   I step back and shoot this shot is for everything the trophy is mine. 3 secconds are left the whole building goes silent I bring home the gold. They pass me the ball the game is now in my hands I have wo (More)
Twister : By Elijah F
Look at the gray sky Raindrops falling in large drops Landing on the ground   Thunder clapping loud Lightning breaking through the sky Electrifying   Wind is picking up Swirling in a large spiral Forming a twi (More)
My School
By: Sarah Zapata It is hard to believe That in less than a year's time This place will be my school I walk through the large hallways There are paintings on the walls They are so colorful and bright There are paintings of student (More)
  Summer By: Nicholas Chang   When the final bell rings the sun will shine brighter When the final bell rings the grass will look greener Summer time is here and school is let out All the kids will be free like flying b (More)
Father Galaxy
By: Grace Nguyen It's known as the father of the night and sun's other counterpart, the calming father of our solar system, though darker than the sun the galaxy will always shine brighter. The galaxy has stood since the ancient times surpassing e (More)
The Way Home
By: Priya Rathnakar Birds singing, The smell of dry earth and rain, In the middle of it all Stood a girl Her tears glistened in the sun As he drove away A symphony of silence that followed Head down, helpless and hopeless A (More)
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