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By: Shivang Kulkarni   Shades of green all around Covers people from the sun Bright, beautiful trees (More)
By: Shivang Kulkanri   White, wispy clouds high Like a canvas in the sky Staring back at us (More)
By: Shivang Kulkarni   Roaring like lions Sending shivers through the ground Waves endlessly crash (More)
Ode to Stars
By: Srishty   Waiting for the sun to set for the lingering warm hues of day to fade out of the sky like water trickling through a stream in the woods   Only to be replaced with the inky black dome of the nig (More)
An Angel Without Wings
By: Diya Parikh She stretches her arms out, Of this cage called world, Staring up at the sky, Knowing that she was meant to fly, The stars peak out from the clear night sky, They were a thousand diamonds to the little girls eye, (More)
Day on the Beach
By: Keira Nguyen   Her eyes flutered open Hands reaching over to turn off the alarm She sits up in her bed yawning Her legs swing over Landing on the rough, white carpet She walks over to the closet Changing her outfit Then wa (More)
Ode To Lacrosse
By: Nate Murphy The game brings me joy on and off the field the brotherhood last forever like a fraternity the love to compete drives me endlessly the game is life the connections and friends made become as close as family the intense at (More)
By: Stephen Wojciech As the majestic sunset dims away and as today will soon be yesterday I stand with nature between me nature as beautiful as it can be An exotic smell of pine the flowers smell just as fine And to think why (More)
The Seasons of the Year
By: Afdhal Nizamudeen   Flowers start to bloom Spring will pilot the wind to us The day is pleasant   A glistering day The sun's rays shined like a bright light Green is all around   Trees shake their lea (More)
Baseball Vs Soccer
By: Willem and Mason I am a baseball player                                  I am a soccer player I love playing sports I hit a baseball                                                I kick a soccer ball I love practicing this sport E (More)
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