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A Day In Summer
By: Vatsa Setty   The warm, humid, bright day of summer comes to a start, Children riding their bikes and laughing happily, The ice cream truck pulls over with its melodious jingle, People flood the amusement parks in hope of havi (More)
Jelly Winner
The bleachers were packed like an ant hill As I walked on the court, I could feel their eyes The feeling of anxiety covered me like a wool blanket The player walked over to their positions The ball was thrown in the air like confetti A (More)
A Winding Dirt Trail
By: Bella Neff   A winding dirt trail is where it began through the vast vegetation and the cheering, colorful birds the dark green Forest on either side of me highlighting the path I longed to take as I mounted my metal horse (More)
That Day
 By: Erica Shin It was last month. The month that I enjoyed it for the first time. That day of the month, Enjoying the time with friends Not caring what anybody else was thinking. Enjoying every second of my time, Feeling (More)
The First Dance By: Ashley Shockley
The bright lights were shining Everyone was staring The judges with pens in hand The music starts blaring I suddenly start to move The wind has been taken out from under my feet I’m flying through the air Upside down and all arou (More)
Steph Curry
By isaiah harris   My peom is inspired by Steph Curry He is a good shooter he has light skin he's shot 1 million shots his daughter loves her scooter hes not smart, he needs a tutor his handles are fire to get strong, (More)
The Silent Finger
By: Adhya Ravikumar In a world of my memories I thought of it as an illusion An incident my mind had created There at the crook of my neck I had felt it An airy ....................... Almost comforting touch of a finger My ad (More)
Fourteen Nights
Duamel Martinez I hoped on to my laptop at about 7am very early. Then I stop to eat my breakfast around 10:40. The only reason i played was cause my family is tourn apart we just dont work good together like me with a golden scar. We dropped in sa (More)
Carmen cruz
Shadow A friend that never betrays you. A friend that fallows you to the grave. A friend that shares your memory. A friend that hides from other people. A friend that you can share your secrets with. A friend that never moves away. A fri (More)
By: Madison Garcia Red is all I see Except for the man before me Who pulled out a gun And said he was done With kids and their foolish ways   Laying on the ground  Without a sound No one will hear me No one will save me  now that I am (More)
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