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Dad in the Dirt
By: Brent Taylor   He feels so ready But his palms are so sweaty Second guessing himself He looks up on the shelf He sees a picture of his wife holding his baby I’ll see her again he thinks I’ve been thinking of her la (More)
My happiness
By: Claire Kim   Saturday evening, wearing jean shorts and a blue T-shirt with flip flops Sun shining on my face, hair sticking to my neck As I walked through a crowded water fountain in the middle of the park, I felt humid claimi (More)
By: Mohamed Idris The cold wall behind me, Is eating away at me. Just like everything else, In this wasteland. The Canned Food they give us, Might as well be the dirt we build on. The happy cries above long gone, Replaced by d (More)
The Problem with Politics
By: Ashish Sakhuja   Loud tirades given back and forth, New problems left unsolved, Argument and grudges held against one another.   It’s chaos, its a rampage, it’s a huge mess, it’s politics, It’s the cause of uproars (More)
My Missing Piece
By: Abby Luck My mind has been awake for a while The daunting song cried out a sad whimper As it reverberated around me I am a puzzle with a missing piece The brightness of my phone filled the room in an instance And the clamor of m (More)
Sunny Side Up
By: Ameera Khan Summer. The rays of the sun Beating violently on my skin, Merciless and cruel. I look around, Taking in my plentiful surroundings As I continue to burn. I see rich, forest green trees Dancing in the cool, b (More)
The trend I see around me
By: Jayme Matyas I am observant as I walk the halls. Seeing the girls and boys I once knew. Not everyone is the same, Of course, I know that we change as we grow up. Becoming wiser as the many years rush away, though some may not. (More)
By: Natalie Beach   We are children We have no say We have no truth   Even though we try- Even though we speak- We will not be heard   We are just like you Only young Yet you can speak You will be (More)
By: Sanjana Vandanapu Why Why Why, questions come across my mind, as I go through this  tragedy A monstrous attitude falls beneath me as I search for hope The hope of breakthrough from this horrible adventure Full of irritation, I conti (More)
The Forest
By Toby McDonald.   Out in the forest, Where the hills are alive, And the campers roam free. The trees loom overhead, Showered in green, And abundant in shade. The overgrowth grows, Like a carpet of green, Nipping a (More)
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