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We went to fair . We saw people get upset. We saw others get  happy. Overall, we were all happy for one another. At the end, we were all there for one another,  even though some of us did win and others did. I am happy to have friends like them! (More)
Madness in March
I be a little over confident but I'm feeling pretty good about March Madness 2018. I know I'm not the best at it since I've only won the neighborhood pool once before when I picked Memphis to go the finals a long time ago, but still that is still mor (More)
Moments with them
A lot of memorable moments happen throughout my friendships, we laugh, we cry out of laughter, and so many more moments good and bad.  We all went out to a dinner just on the exact same date for 7 years exact and we were just recalling the moments we (More)
Happy Friends
Throughout this week many people have been happy for me. I got accepted to one of my top universities I wanted to go to. My friends bought me a hoodie of the university.  My friends did very sweet details to make me happy and overall they seem happy (More)
Get together
My friends were planning a get together for one of my friend's birthday , the dilemma started when we were planning it. My friends were so disorganized  and did not have a plan, it was a huge mess.  So therefore I decided not to participate because I (More)
F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Kobe Bonsai...
2.13.18 Are you bored at home and are looking for a background show? Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S! Unlike most, I actually watched How I Met Your Mother prior to this one, so ironically I feel that I have to remain loyal the latter show. However, I found F (More)
Friends and Spare Time
Lately, we have been missing a lot of days of school because of snow days and winter break. I saw them a lot during that time.  Although the time we spend together is great, there is weird tensions felt between each other. Many are talking behind eac (More)
Stress and Friends around me
Senioritis and deadlines are starting to appear for everyone. My friends and I are stressing about deadlines coming closer to us. In Independent Science Research (ISR) some  of my friends already finished their experiment, meanwhile I am just startin (More)
Cute Gifts
Since the holidays are coming up and it is the season for giving here are some cute gift ideas for friends and family! Gift cards to their favorite store Candles (really cheap from Marshalls) A jar filled with their favorite candies an (More)
All around me are friends getting accepted into college
Around me there are friends hearing back from colleges, I am very happy for them, but it just makes me more anxious since I did not hear from any. One of my friends got accepted to her first choice college, and she is really relaxed now but she talks (More)
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