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Fantasy Football and the AFC
The AFC The 2 teams almost certain to clinch their divisions are the Steelers and the Patriots. The Steelers have overtaken the Patriots as the top team in the AFC. The AFC South race is between the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I t (More)
Injuries and Recoveries
As one quarterback becomes injured ,another comes back. MVP candidate Carson Wentz suffered a torn acl and will be out for the season. This makes the Eagles playoff run much harder, I believe they will lose in the first round. Eagle's fans can only h (More)
First Broadcast Post
Hi, my name is Elyas & welcome to my broadcast                                                                                         12/8/17 Here are topics that will be discussed on the broadcast: [-] Fantasy Football [-] Football (More)
Hello world!
My name is Ilya and I love football. I specifically am interested in the NFC due to the competition being better than the AFC. I will cover things that happen in the NFC, like trades, injuries, and standings. (More)
Introductory to Athletics
Ever since I was in elementary school I've known that my passion was everything that had to do with sports.  I loved to read about, play, and watch sports.  On this blog I will be talking about college and professional sports.  Most of the blogs will (More)
Introduction for Between the Foul Lines
Hello sports fans, I am excited to start blogging about my opinions on both football and baseball. I will share my input on certain topics related to them, an (More)