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The Legitimate Goat(insane)
I was walking by the basketball courts near Great Falls Plaza and I saw the legend himself Air Bud playing against Shaquille O'Neal.  Air Bud being the god that he is of course was absolutely obliterating Shaq.  ON MY MOM, I saw Air Bud hit a 360, wi (More)
btfl, Baker Mayfield
With the first pick in the 2018 draft, the Cleveland Browns selected Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma. This pick was very controversial because many people believe that Mayfield (More)
btfl, Tyrann Mathieu/ Jimmy Graham
This week in NFL the free agent market went crazy. The Cardinals had a crazy interaction with Safety Tyrann Mathieu because the Cardinals wanted him to take a pay cu (More)
btfl, the draft
As the NFL season came to a close we now have to look forward to things like the draft. This year we see interesting this like, the Browns having to top 5 picks, and (More)
Raiders v.s. Broncos (slice of life)
No, this has nothing to do with the NFL but pls don't click off this post. This is about AYFL because everyone likes this league better than the NFL. So, I was on a team called the Broncos and we were a ok team. I mean we lost a few games. But we wer (More)
The Super Bowl
Hi! My name is Blake and this is my blog. In my blog, I will be writing about sports, awesome moments, and fun things that happen in school. With the super bowl coming up, I already have a good idea. The reason I am mostly going to be writing about t (More)
The Super Bowl
The Eagles won the Super Bowl! I am super happy for them because it is there first Super Bowl Title. Nick Foles was named MVP and he also caught touchdown pass! I think the Patriots would have won if Tom Brady didn’t fumble the ball. It was a great g (More)
The Eagle Sores High!
As a Redskins fan I'm not overjoyed that the Eagles won Super Bowl 52, but I think it was time for the New England Patriots dynasty to fall. The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots played a fantastic game in the U.S Bank Stadium up in Mi (More)
Fantasy Football and the AFC
The AFC The 2 teams almost certain to clinch their divisions are the Steelers and the Patriots. The Steelers have overtaken the Patriots as the top team in the AFC. The AFC South race is between the Tennessee Titans and the Jacksonville Jaguars. I t (More)
Injuries and Recoveries
As one quarterback becomes injured ,another comes back. MVP candidate Carson Wentz suffered a torn acl and will be out for the season. This makes the Eagles playoff run much harder, I believe they will lose in the first round. Eagle's fans can only h (More)
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