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Blacky and Lighty Lemonade 🥂🥂 Story 2
It is a hot summer day. Lighty doesn't mind the heat, but Blacky is dripping with sweat, so Lighty decides to make lemonade for her. Here is the recipe: Tools  knife cutting board bowl spoon Ingredients lemon (1) suga (More)
Strawberry 🍓Popsicles 🍨
In the beginning, I really didn't know how to make popsicles. I was about three or four years old. I used to freeze plain water without using a popsicle stick. After it froze, I would add a little bit of turmeric powder and licked it all up! It didn' (More)
Yesterday for dinner, my cousins and I went out to eat at a new ramen restaurant in Cascades Overlook. The restaurant is located in a very pretty setting. Once you step out of the restaurant, there are many places that you could go to for dessert. Th (More)
Robeks is a store in Cascades that sells delicious and refreshing fruit and healthy smoothies, as well as acai bowls. The prices are also affordable if you get the larger sizes. For example, for the smoothies, the small is around 5 dollars and the me (More)
Cold Spoon
Cold Spoon sells delicious frozen yogurt, coffee, drinks, and yogurt bowls. My favorite item to get from Cold Spoon is the Mango Parfait. It comes with mangos, mango syrup, Greek yogurt, and granola. The hot chocolate is also one of my favorites. (More)
Quench is a juice bar that has delicious Acai bowls and healthy smoothies. The workers are very kind and helpful. They can help you choose which bowl or drink to buy. In addition to that, the wait time is not long at all. The prices are also a (More)
Another Food Confession
Hey guys, so I've been thinking and I have another food confession to make.  This one usually surprises a lot of people.  I hope you guys still choose to support me after I tell you this!! I don't like watermelon! I think it has no flavor and it just (More)
What Do You Guys Want to See in My Next Few Posts?
Hey guys!  I realize that this whole time I have just been posting what I want to talk about, but I never asked you guys what you want to see.  Let me know in the comments. (More)
My Favorite Restaurants
My favorite restaurants so far are Thai by Thai and Sweet-water. These two restaurants are very different with a big difference in price. Thai by Thai offers delicious Asian food at very affordable prices. It is not formal at all, and the service (More)
Spring Break Eats!
Over spring break I went to Folly Beach, South Carolina.  It was really nice and the town was surrounded by great restaurants.  Some of my favorites were Loggerheads, Rita's,  and Taco Boy.  We also went to a really nice biscuit place for breakfast o (More)
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