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Outfit of the Day #1
For this blog,  I´ll be doing a (More)
Jewelry Ideas
Jewelry is a great way to add taste to an outfit. There is a huge range of jewelry that you can get whether you decide to splurge or not. I would recommend matching the color of your jewelry, meaning wearing all gold or all silver. This automatically (More)
Spring Shoes
Spring is officially here which means switching out boots for sandals. Shoes are a great accessory to an outfit and add so much. Some everyday shoes that match many outfits include slip on Vans and Birkenstocks. You can wear these everyday to school (More)
How to Find your Style
Finding your own style can be difficult, even more so when there are a bunch of trends. It gets really easy to get caught up in these trends and not know your own style. My first tip is to find inspiration from your style icons, the best place for th (More)
Bag Inspiration
Bags add so much to an outfit but, it is difficult to find the perfect handbag or wallet for everyday use. Here are some recommendations for some cute and simple bags . I would recommend starting off with a wallet or a wristlet, some cute ones includ (More)
Styling dresses
Dresses are a classic piece that you can wear to many events during all seasons. They are typically worn more in the warmer times, and for more dressed up events but that does not always apply. If you are dress shopping and want some for the winter, (More)
Winter trends
Being in high school, a lot of trends come and go and they can get hard to keep up with. One trend for shoes now is vans, they have been in style for a while now! Another trend is a sherpa quarter zip, these are so comfortable and many stores carry t (More)
Accessories for the wintertime!
It's January which means it is pretty cold here in Sterling. Fashion is all about layering and accessories. One common accessory is a cute scarf. You can buy one anywhere, and they add so much to a simple top and jeans! Another thing I would keep in (More)
December Favs!
Being that Christmas/ my birthday is right around the corner, I decided that it would be fun to talk about 5 of my favourite items this month! This is in no particular order and has no category whatsoever.  Long Sleeve shirts! Long sleeves are u (More)
my dream job
My dream job consists of my two favorite things, writing and fashion. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger for the longest time, then I found my love for writing, so I combined the two. My dream job is to write for a fashion magazine, (More)
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