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Staying warm while wearing skirts
Wanting to wear a skirt in the winter can be difficult because of the temperature, luckily there are ways to stay warm. There are many different and cute tights to wear. The thicker the tights the warmer you will stay. More)
New Year New Fashion
It's a new year which means new opportunities for new trends. With cold temperatures turtle necks are keeping everyone warm. For a casual outfit a sweatshirt with a jean jacket will be sure to keep you warm. For shoes duck boots and hunter boots will (More)
BTS Golden Disc Awards
Back at the Golden Disc Awards on January 10, BTS flew over to the US to perform and bring a perfect start to the new year! They sat along with the other celebrities, and when it was time to perform, they immediately slayed the stage with the the (More)
K.A.R.D Trust Me
On November 21st, K.A.R.D., one of the few bands that have both boy and girl group members, released a new song called Trust Me to add in their second Mini Album You & Me! You & Me had been released earlier this year and expressed the det (More)
First Post!
Hello! Welcome to my blog. I will be posting about fashion and current styles. Make sure to follow my blog for fashion tips. (More)
First Post!
12/8/17 Hey guys! WelcomeĀ to my new blog. I am going to talk about anything fashion, that may include makeup, hair, clothes and more!! Also on occasion, I will give you a life update hopefully it will make you laugh and lighten the mood. (More)
Korean-Pop Bands
Hello, and welcome to KpopIsLife!! K-Pop is short for Korean Hip-Hip, an increasingly famous music style in South Korea that is growing world-wide. In this genre, there have been hundreds of bands, both girl and boy groups, that make K-Pop to what is (More)