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To Teach Kindness: The Dilemma
This year, as you know, I decided to use dystopian literature as the vehicle to discuss making the world a kinder place. To use it as a backdrop upon which to (More)
Digital Age: The New Dystopian nightmare
My classes have finished reading Lord of the Flies, 1984, and Brave New World. Now, we are almost finished with The Time Machine. As I read their essays (More)
Pain or pleasure?
  1984 and Brave New World explore the idea of control (motivation), one through pain, one through pleasure. For the protagonists in both, Winston and (More)
Dystopia? Cautionary or reality
I just finished reading 90 10th grade essays responding to the novel 1984 and finished reading Brave New World for our next novel. I told the student (More)
Control in Dystopia and Now?
This idea of control through pain or pleasure will be exciting to examine as it relates to the reality of my students' world. Which are we, 1984 or Brave New (More)
Between 1984 and Brave New World
We've completed our work reading 1984. Now it is on to Brave New World. In which are we living? Are we living in both? If the answer is yes to either question (More)
Dystopian Words - Educational or Destructive?
Great Courses offers a course on Utopian and Dyst (More)
Are Cautionary Tales No Longer Cautionary?
Choosing to study Dystopian literature with 90 tenth graders has proven to be more problematic than I first considered. Essentially, is the cautionary nature of (More)