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By Alexis Mendel Another yelp of thunder boomed from above like God scolding us for being so mischievous   The radio gurgled one song after the other making us scream along to inaudible lyrics Dancing Queen Blared in rhythm As (More)
By: Ahlahnis Perry I too am human We walk the same grounds every day Breathe the same air every night I may look different But i’m no alien   I’m unique And i deserve to be acknowledged When i come from behind my ma (More)
Ode to the Forest
By:Adam Jeong I walk, I walk into your towering trees like the blades of grass to a bumblebee I see, I see your deers staring at me, they are quiet like a sleeping mouse. I hear, I hear the chirping of your cricket they li (More)
A Midnight Scare
By: Ashley Walters   A peaceful shadow had settled over the room. I blinked comfortably, though unsure of why I was awake.   A whimper caused me to startle, propping myself on my elbows. A shadow circled by my fee (More)
Ode to Jolly Ranchers
By:Naeson Kathir I unwrap the delicate wrapper I turn the colorful rock In my soft ,small hands Like when you use a fidget toy I observe the imperfections Like a cat observing a mouse I move the intricate candy Toward my mouth (More)
Ode to the Beach
By: Emily Taylor Cold, crisp, and chilly water meet my toes Salty air like crunchy pretzels Little crabs finding their home Seaguls soaring like planes attempting to steal your food Sand falling through my toes Dolphins I see, the d (More)
Concert Day
Concert Day By: Samhitha Venkat I emerged from the soft comforts of backstage, To see flashes of cameras, In the hands of proud parents, The lights lit up the stage so bright, Stinging my eyes, Masking the cold, hard stare of the (More)
Clear Backpacks
By: Rachel Jones I see students walking with their heads down, Gray clouds above their heads while feeling a downward spiral of emotions, Sadness, fear, and anger being just a few. Expressions as if on death row while students plod towar (More)
Ode to Dusty
by Aaron Weidner What was once A brilliant Beautiful depot A source of material With extraordinary wood stacks Which were like Gods Many respected And many loved What was known as an OG place There from the beginning (More)
The Spelling Bee
By: Jess Nguyen Tic tok Tic tok The clock counting down I’m running out of time It was the semifinals So close yet so far to getting 1st place Sweat Coming down my face Eyes All on me Pressure Everyone putting on (More)
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