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Ode to Fortnite
By: Sowmith Maganti Your greatest game of our generation Getting a number one victory royale Like being victorious in war But Kill after kill Like the massacre of bulls Sending noobs to the lobby As fast as lightning Build (More)
By Jackson Painter   My once friend, now my enemy. I was stabbed in the back. I was bitter and wanted revenge. Luckily i didn’t have to obtain it myself. One day i was driving and I saw something. There was a crash and the pe (More)
Facing the Music by Jason Nguyen
I glance over the rows of seats And below the glaring lights Is a restless crowd. As my hands fly back And forth across the keys while the others frantically Bow back and forth, The minute movements of shuffling feet And squeaki (More)
The Piano
By: Nandini Udaya Kumar I remember the way the keys felt, It was like I was floating in the air, The keys fell into a melody, Slowly and slowly and slowly, when I played the piano the tune sang, Ding ding ding lightly fading away, (More)
Ode ro Eggs
Ode to Eggs by: Amy Truong   When weekend mornings come around like the end of a race, I hear your sizzles, oh, what a pleasant sound Out of my bed and downstairs I go, you’re on the table like a gift from above, (More)
Beauty By Emily Franks   I am not beautiful. So don’t waste your time to convince me that I’m a beautiful person. There are so many details that I hate about myself, And I will not lie and tell myself by saying That there (More)
Ode to Ice Cream
By: Samantha Borromeo Oh, ice cream! You are a piece of Heaven on Earth My addiction My counselor My love My favorite food! I am attached to you like the strongest magnet on Earth You come around on the hottest of days And (More)
An Ode to the Spicy Chicken Sandwich
By: Marcus Dixon The spicy The dicy The O’so delicate Perfection in food form Sunflower seeds reflect the sun’s glow Buns with the stars shine Lettuce from the heavens Succulent tomatoes from the garden of eden Cows with the divine milk (More)
An Ode to the Inspiron 15 Gaming Laptop
I saw you at Best Buy You looked so confuzzled of why you were being sold from your manufacturer’s You were the perfect match for me We met eye to 14 inch TN panel Though you weren’t perfect I still accepted you for who you are I wa (More)
The doors
By: Aleena The cold metal doors closed on my leg Sweat dripping down my face My leg was trapped My ears pounding with my heartbeat I screamed for help, but no one heard Bystander’s voices faded away as I went into shock Elbows s (More)
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