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Picking My Puppy
As you know from reading my other blogs, we picked Sadie out in August. When we first arrived to the farm where she was raised, there were 7 puppies all very si (More)
Tips for rain and ice!!
This past week we have had a few days off of school due to freezing rain. Here are some tips for dog walking in the rain and ice! Wear a warm coat, but make sure it has a weather proof shell so your dog doesn't get wet/cold. Don't take you (More)
This picture was taken of my chocolate lab with the same Nikon as the others. I used flash while taking this and made it black and white jn photo shop. (More)
Sadie's Sick Day
A few days ago, Sadie was given a few too many treats and she had to go to the vet. For an entire week, we were not allowed to provide Sadie with any treats. She did not like this very much, because she was not able to have any peanut butter. (Her fa (More)
Look Deeper
Meet Sadie
This is my dog named Sadie. She was born in March and is a Miniature Golden Doodle. She loves to play, but she also loves just sitting on the couch and taking a (More)