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Sadie's New Tricks
Sadie has learned some tricks since we first got her. These include sitting, shaking, and waiting. Currently, she is attending traini (More)
Sadie's New Harness
  Recently, Sadie got a new harness! Our friends recommended the harness because we want to teach Sadie to not pull when we walk her. When we first put the harn (More)
Lazy mother's day
  Roxy sure did enjoy her mothers day! While she was snoozing, o (More)
Sadie and the Snow
A few weeks ago our entire backyard was covered in snow! As soon as Sadie realised it was covering the ground, she begged to go o (More)
Introducing animals to each other
Hello everyone and welcome back! This weekend I had a lazy day so a few friends came over and we decided to hangout with Roxy, my dog, but also p (More)
wishing for warmth!
Roxy and I haven't been able to play outside as much because of the nasty wind and cold weather. I hope next week the weather improves a bit before our family leav (More)
Sadie and the beach
Sadie went to the beach for the first time. She was fascinated with the sand and the wind. She was covered from head-to-tail in sand. Sadie played fet (More)
Sadie's Friend
Sadie's friend, Rosco, visited us for an entire week! As soon as they met, Sadie and Rosco became best friends! Throughout the week, they destroyed about 5 toys (More)
Picking My Puppy
As you know from reading my other blogs, we picked Sadie out in August. When we first arrived to the farm where she was raised, there were 7 puppies all very si (More)
Tips for rain and ice!!
This past week we have had a few days off of school due to freezing rain. Here are some tips for dog walking in the rain and ice! Wear a warm coat, but make sure it has a weather proof shell so your dog doesn't get wet/cold. Don't take you (More)
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