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¨Titli¨ Performance Annual Recital at Broad Run High School (Year taken- unknown) We are encourage (More)
During a ride home from one of my performances, my dad asked me how I was not nervous to perform on stage in front of many people. I laughed at the question because I didn't know the answer. Before any performance my dance teacher always told us to b (More)
We have all dealt with the situation where you are with a group of people who you barely know. You have three options: pretend to not notice them and go on your phone, make an excuse to leave the room, or you could just simply try to interact with th (More)
This year was the 10th Annual Recital for Arpan Dance Academy, we were stressed out and it resulted in a very successful performance. For us, at least. On stage, we are calm and collected, but backstage parents are scrambling to get makeup on kids (More)
In India, there are about seven types of Indian classical dance, Kathakali,Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi,Odissi,Manipuri, and Kathak. There are other types of Indian dance, but this post will be focused on Kathak since I participate in this dance. Now, (More)
The Crash of Creative Dance Center
When I first started dance when I was three years old. It was just like what many mothers do. They enroll their daughter in a ballet class so that they can see their cute little girl have fun in a tutu.  I can not remember what studio I went to since (More)
What even does it mean by working hard
Now like anything else you are only going to get better if you work on it. It is not going to be like you come to dance one day and can do 15 turns. It takes a lot of work, effort, dedication and time. I love going to dance every night but at times I (More)
Dominion Homecoming
No offense but, what? Now don't get me wrong, Dominion is way better then Seneca is. But with the way that they're treating homecoming makes me have flashbacks of the famous Beach Blast. Homecoming is as 'American public school' as you can get, (More)
Why do I dance?
Why do I dance? I dance because there is nothing else that encourages me in the same way socially, physically and most of all emotionally. Whether I am happy or sad or mad it is almost as if I can dance all those emotions out. It's like another world (More)
NCT127 Chain MV Teaser
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nusOmWIUy8 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nusOmWIUy8 NCT127 is already BACK AGAIN as they released just yesterday a teaser for their new song "Chain", just one of the five songs in their new Mini-Japane (More)
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