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SCA Plans Independence High School’s First Homecoming Dance
On Saturday, Nov. 9, Independence High School hosted their inaugural homecoming dance in the main gym. The Student Council Association (SCA) had planned the homecoming dance for the students of Independence. For sophomore Alinah Fawad,10, putting in (More)
All About Me
All About Emma Ten interesting facts about me!   I am a twin. I have an identical twin sister named Lily, who shares a lot of my interests. She’s my best friend and I get a lot of my ideas for stories, drawings, and animations from her. S (More)
Dance benefits:
Just to clarify, I do not dance just because of the religious side of it, there are other reasons, and if you are debating if you want to start dancing, here are a couple benefits that dance has! 1. Muscles and controlling weight: as you dance, yo (More)
Summer Plans
Well, summer is right around the corner! Some people are going on vacation, having guests, getting their life together, or like me, all of the above. I absolutely love summer because that means that our annual recitaMore)
Holi time!
May is... well many things. We have sol testing and AP exams as well as finals. Yeah, not fun, but I do love the end of may because we get to celebrate Holi. This is one of my favorite things because there is good food and I surround myself with my a (More)
As we all know, any sport is time consuming. In May, everything piles up; tests, sols, AP exams, sport season championships, upcoming job opportunity interviews, and all other crazy things. However, it is still important to go for practice so that yo (More)
To go or not to go?
Practice is sometimes annoying. I get it. You would rather be somewhere else, but it is important to think about the fact that your parents (or in some cases, you) paid money to be a part of this, missing practice does not benefit you, it is just add (More)
Performance chaos
I guess you could say that the chaos mentioned before performances are funny to some people, and to others its just chaos. Throughout all of (More)
March is the time to start studying for upcoming exams and SOLS. For people who play year-round sport, it is time for championship. For dance, it is the same way, we sta (More)
Winning Nationals and the Journey Back Home
Oh my god. Can I get a yee yee for the boys? 13 years since the dance team was created, 9 years since they've started going to NDA, 5 days since winning Grand National Champion. When I tell you i'm still on cloud 9,000, I mean it. I haven't bee (More)
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