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Performance chaos
I guess you could say that the chaos mentioned before performances are funny to some people, and to others its just chaos. Throughout all of (More)
March is the time to start studying for upcoming exams and SOLS. For people who play year-round sport, it is time for championship. For dance, it is the same way, we sta (More)
Winning Nationals and the Journey Back Home
Oh my god. Can I get a yee yee for the boys? 13 years since the dance team was created, 9 years since they've started going to NDA, 5 days since winning Grand National Champion. When I tell you i'm still on cloud 9,000, I mean it. I haven't bee (More)
Dance tips
Treat practices like performances- practice and performances are basically the same thing except one is where you go all out with your costume and hair,and the other is where you show up to go over the dance for the performance. Keeping this in m (More)
DHSDT: What the yearbook won't tell you
For 3 years now, I have devoted many hours to the Dominion Dance Team and it's sister team in Seneca. Specifically, for the two years on the Dominion team, I have been asked many questions regarding practicing, schedules, and what we even do there. S (More)
4th of July Celebration
I wanted to throw it back to last summer where my friends and I had the best team bonding. According to the title, you probabl (More)
Why dance?
Performance at BlackRock Center for Arts on January 20th, 2019 I sometimes question myself as to why I chose to dance instead of all of the other activities I could do like soc (More)
It is shocking to most people when I tell them that I have exams in dance. It is not necessarily an exam, it is more like an evaluation that most dancers take every year. Now, how do exams work? Well, there are two parts: the actual dancing par (More)
I Think I Just Fell in Love
After quitting dance when I was three I kept dancing all around the house. My mom kept encouraging me to go to a dance class but I refused. I guess I was mainly nervous to go but my mom convinced me so I tried taking a class. Finally I am not sure ho (More)
Steps to teach and choreograph
Now, we are all procrastinators in some way. It may be from school work or simply just getting out of bed in the morning. For my dance group and I, it is choreographing a dance and making it look presentable. During practice, I admit, we are a mess, (More)
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