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All About Me
All About Emma Nine interesting facts about me!   I am a twin. I have an identical twin sister named Lily, who shares a lot of my interests. She’s my best friend and I get a lot of my ideas for stories, drawings, and animations from her. (More)
SCA Plans Independence High School’s First Homecoming Dance
On Saturday, Nov. 9, Independence High School hosted their inaugural homecoming dance in the main gym. The Student Council Association (SCA) had planned the homecoming dance for the students of Independence. For sophomore Alinah Fawad,10, putting in (More)
Winning Nationals and the Journey Back Home
Oh my god. Can I get a yee yee for the boys? 13 years since the dance team was created, 9 years since they've started going to NDA, 5 days since winning Grand National Champion. When I tell you i'm still on cloud 9,000, I mean it. I haven't bee (More)
DHSDT: What the yearbook won't tell you
For 3 years now, I have devoted many hours to the Dominion Dance Team and it's sister team in Seneca. Specifically, for the two years on the Dominion team, I have been asked many questions regarding practicing, schedules, and what we even do there. S (More)
I Think I Just Fell in Love
After quitting dance when I was three I kept dancing all around the house. My mom kept encouraging me to go to a dance class but I refused. I guess I was mainly nervous to go but my mom convinced me so I tried taking a class. Finally I am not sure ho (More)
Green with envy
My old dance team was a called green. In most dances we were overlooked they thought we couldn't do anything. Once the higher people left it was almost like our group was the highest. Once I left I never realized that it was the case. Once I left an (More)
The Crash of Creative Dance Center
When I first started dance when I was three years old. It was just like what many mothers do. They enroll their daughter in a ballet class so that they can see their cute little girl have fun in a tutu.  I can not remember what studio I went to since (More)
What even does it mean by working hard
Now like anything else you are only going to get better if you work on it. It is not going to be like you come to dance one day and can do 15 turns. It takes a lot of work, effort, dedication and time. I love going to dance every night but at times I (More)
Dominion Homecoming
No offense but, what? Now don't get me wrong, Dominion is way better then Seneca is. But with the way that they're treating homecoming makes me have flashbacks of the famous Beach Blast. Homecoming is as 'American public school' as you can get, (More)
Why do I dance?
Why do I dance? I dance because there is nothing else that encourages me in the same way socially, physically and most of all emotionally. Whether I am happy or sad or mad it is almost as if I can dance all those emotions out. It's like another world (More)
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