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2019 Battle Books Out Now!
Since the final competition has wrapped up, it's time to prepare for the next battle of the books season! Here are the new books: Scythe by: Neal Shusterman A w (More)
Backlash By Sarah D. Littman
  As online things collide with real life, things start to spiral out of control not just for Lara, but Bree as well , because they take something a little too far that causes months of pain and questioning for everyone in their families. O (More)
Great Women in Books
In honor of International Women's Day, which was yesterday, March 8th, I've decide to highlight some of the great women characters in books. Hermione (More)
Drama By Raina Telgemeier
Drama is a book about a girl who joins the backstage crew in her school. She soon learns that all the drama isn't just on stage. When two twins decide to join and the popular group gets mixed in, things get a little crazy.  This book is a graphic n (More)
The Fun of Re-Reading a Book!
  Recently, I have began to read Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, a book that I read about two years ago, and it reminds of the fun of reading a book (More)
The Hate U Give Review
The Hate U Give is a young adult realistic fiction by Angie Thomas. This book is insanely successful as Thomas' first novel, as it opened at number one on the New Yo (More)
One of Us is Lying Book Review
One of Us Is Lying is the debut novel of Karen M. McManus. It’s a murder-mystery that follows a group of four teens who were present when a (More)
Make Reading Fun Again
Ever since I knew how, reading has been a passion of mine. When I pick up a book, I feel like I am in a whole different world. When my life gets toug (More)