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All About Me
All About Emma Nine interesting facts about me!   I am a twin. I have an identical twin sister named Lily, who shares a lot of my interests. She’s my best friend and I get a lot of my ideas for stories, drawings, and animations from her. (More)
Hey, guys read this list about books I think are good. Have suggestions comment below! I will revise this list so I can keed you guys updated. Wonder -R.J Picco. Wonder is about a boy named Auggie who has facial disorders. He navigates through m (More)
Hey, Kiddo Chosen For Loudoun’s Annual 1book 1community Novel
 When Jarrett J. Krosoczka was a small child, he had no idea who his father was and what secrets his grandparents were hiding from him. As he grew up, he learned that his mother is a drug addict, and he and his grandparents learned his biologic (More)
A-Z: All About Me
Hey, it’s Esme! Today I will be doing an A-Z All About Me post. A- I’m obsessed with earning all A’s in school. My older sister got all A's all the way from elemen (More)
The Fantasy World I Would Most Prefer to Live In
Someone suggested to me the other day that I write about the fantasy world that I would most want to live in. Over the years I've read a lot of books, and have seen a bunch of different worlds and societies. Some of them were pretty messed up, and so (More)
On The Come Up - Book Discussions
Recommend Battle Books for 2020-2021
It's that time already! Book Recommendations are open from 4/8/19 to 11/15/19. Recommend Books Here More)
Recommended Books 2019-2020
These are the books that have been recommended for the 2019-2020 Battle. Recommendations are now closed. The BOTB sponsors will now review the books to determine their suitability for Battle,  and then voting will be open for a two week period sta (More)
Float: A.D. March 28, 2019
Hello all. This poem is a bit darker than most. As most of you know, I suffer from depression and anxiety. I use art as a way to express that and my frustration with how I feel. I want to leave this poem up for interpretation but I will give some con (More)
Two Roads: A.D. March 28, 2019
Greetings again everyone. This poem was for an assignment in my creative writing class. The assignment was to create a poem of at least 25 lines that begins with the famous opening line, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood," to Robert Frost's The Ro (More)
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