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btfl, Juan Soto
The Washington Nationals maybe a huge move when they called up 19 year old outfielder Juan Soto. People thought that it would be (More)
MLB News
Welcome to the MLB News where I cover all of the newest of news from around Major League Baseball. First things first, Francisco Lindor shaved his head. Which may not seem anything but stupid to a random passerby but his hair is something of a sig (More)
The Unwritten Rules of baseball
In baseball there are a lot of things that you just do not do. They may seem reasonable at a first glance, but it really is just smart to break these "unwritten rules" and it could help you win a game. Sure you might get criticized for it, but the pe (More)
Ichiro Suzuki just got a deal with the Seattle Mariners. Wow. For those unfamiliar with who Ichiro is, he is a baseball legend that just signed a one year deal with the Seattle Mariners, the team that brought him over from Japan after ten years of (More)
Spring Training is a few days away!
Introduction for Between the Foul Lines
Hello sports fans, I am excited to start blogging about my opinions on both football and baseball. I will share my input on certain topics related to them, an (More)
Hello World!!!
My name is Jackson and I am a high schooler in Virginia. I have a passion for baseball and music, and that is what I plan on writing about. Being that I am growing up in Virginia, my favorite baseball team is the Washington Nationals. I also enjoy an (More)