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I've been experimenting with some of the ways I draw recently on paper and decided to try to figure out how I would do this digitally! Here's what I came up with (More)
Playing With Profile
Drawing people from the side is something I don't do often, because it is really hard for me to get it looking correct. However, today I figured I would share a bit of how I go about it in the few instances I give it a shot. Start with a circle, (More)
My beautiful art work
So I found this pen that basically when you opened it the capsule that held the ink stuck to the cap of the pen which meant the ink spilled out the other si (More)
Hair Troubles
Hair can be difficult, especially if you get everything just right but the hair won't come together (though this applies to most, if not all, parts of the drawing process). This is the process I usually go through when drawing hair Start with th (More)
Facial Frustrations
Faces are tricky to draw, and often frustrating when you've got everything else looking the way you want the face doesn't quite pull together. They are also infuriating when you draw one without the head and it looks great but you can't add the head (More)
If you're interested in woodworking, but don't want to buy a ton of tools or get your hands dirty, pyrography is a good way to go. If you don't know pyrography is the art of wood burning. All you need to start is a wood burning tool (nothing very exp (More)
Working With Hands
Hands are particularly hard to draw. Here's how I draw my hands. Start with a circle Depending on which hand, go to the bottom curve of one side and draw a line up, not too long, that curves out Curve this line back in, this is the thumb (More)
Selfie Bust
Eyes and Eyebrows
Drawing eyes can be tricky, and eyebrows are certainly key for helping with facial expressions. First you need to find what eye shape you want. I will be showing you my style for drawing eyes which has changed since the last post. Eyes Start wi (More)
Basically Artistic
When you first start your drawing, you want to map out your ideas. Depending on what you are drawing the first step varies. In this instance I am drawing a person. Tip: Use different colors on certain areas so that you do not get confused  Dr (More)
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