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By: Eric Stoesser It all started off as a sunny and partly cloudy day, Beautiful, Friends and families having a fabulous day in Boston, Before the annual marathon. Then, Boom and a few seconds later Boom. People start yelling and everyone goe (More)
Everyday Life
By: Naomi Minwalla   I feel lost and unsteady My brain is like an endless roller coaster going round and round I feel walls closing in on me every second of everyday Everything falls apart but you just don’t know how to put it bac (More)
By: Kiran Smitka All over the world people stand for their rights As the country splits hands of peace join Stories come out and conspiracies are planted People nervous to step outside Parents refusing to let go of their children Pr (More)
Ali-A Matters
  By: Dylan Greentree Your british accent soothens my ears These semi-auto snipes bring me to tears Your reactions to triple headshots make my fingers shake Your videos are as juicy as a fresh ribeye steak The intros are fire, (More)
A Morning of Fishing
By: Cayden Gavin     I woke up early in the morning Ate a quick breakfast and went down stairs. I grabbed my fishing gear and hoped on my bike, Riding down the gravel road with no one around, With The warm sun beating o (More)
Quiet and Panic
By: Jody Chu The class dropped into silence as still as the night Occasional whispers Like crickets in a forest The constant grinding of pencil against paper I sit there blank, bland, and empty of ideas Thinking, looking around - all are sitt (More)
by Britney Nguyen If only they knew what they were doing to their home With their litterings destroying our biomes For when we have no more air to breathe That’s when they know they must seize But by then it would be too late And di (More)
I had...
By Maximo Figueroa   I had a house, powered by something above, shining bright. I had friends, unselfish, kind, and fair. I had peace, inside, and out.   I had fresh air, trees left and right, as ta (More)
Ode to Kit Kats  
By: Ladan Abdi I walk in and smell the sweet aroma like freshly baked cookies on a snowy white Christmas morning When I catch it in sight, it’s hard to let go My mouth waters, telling me to take it slow I can’t resist, my desire for th (More)
The Staring Contest
By: Saniya Rawat We wait in anticipation Knowing that any day could be the end We tried to make peace But that just ended in more pain He calls himself a leader Leading them to poverty and death When will it end? When can we shake hands, Liv (More)
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