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"The Foxes in the Yard"
By: Rishi Borra   Out in the forest, where the air smells of fresh greens are two small foxes, playing, running, and chasing each other's orange glow.   They're the color of the sun, and act like binary stars r (More)
Dogs and Cats are not the same
By: Carter Steadman I am a dog                                                                            I am a cat                                         We are total opposites My owners give me any things       My servants are good at many t (More)
By: Anchy Cho   Most people only see the darkness And the silenced atmosphere of the night   They miss the beauty of the quiet murmurs Murmurs of rustling leaves from majestic trees Silhouetted against the silver bath o (More)
A War of Words
By: Hamzah Jamal I’m Kim Jong Un                                                  I’m Donald Trump We hate each other I have Nukes That won’t do I make peace treaties Why can’t you I hate you We sent our defenses Into the sky I would do (More)
Ode to Captain America
By: Umar Luqman I saw you amazed by your might Strength like a god And as smart as Batman When I first saw you You were as thin as a stick You were devoted and selfless You would jump on a grenade for others Then, like a ma (More)
Water and Lava
By: Tiffani Brown and Evelyn Khare I am water And I am fire I am calm I am violent I help give life And I take it away We are complete opposites I am bright and easy to read I am dark and mysterious I stay the same And I change in the (More)
By: Nikhil Boyalla Flying at breakneck speed, I scan the ground below, Searching for a meal. A worm suddenly comes to view. I swoop down, Scooping the worm into my mouth. I peacefully glide to my humble abode, On a grand, maje (More)
By Shaan Bal Bounce, bounce The tennis ball bounces The racket feels rough in my hands The good ol’ days The wind whistles by The tennis rackets went “whack” Playing tennis With the boys The boys and I did not wear Jacke (More)
I wonder why we're friends
By: Arushi Chaturvedi She’s my best friend We are not friends! We do everything together She’s like a fly  that never leaves you alone IT FEELS LIKE I’VE KNOWN HER FORVER! We're going to hang out today We’re soo not hanging out today I wond (More)
A Sisters Story
By: Ella Walters & Amelia Valli   Ugh! I have nothing cute in my closet! Where did that blouse go? I have nothing to wear! I can’t wear my Vans! Where did my Berks go? I’m leaving in five! Oh! I can’t wear that sweater again! Wh (More)
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