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Apple AirPower
November 24, 2017. On this day the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8+ were released. These devices were not the only thing announced that day. (More)
By: Ahlahnis Perry I too am human We walk the same grounds every day Breathe the same air every night I may look different But i’m no alien   I’m unique And i deserve to be acknowledged When i come from behind my ma (More)
Clear Backpacks
By: Rachel Jones I see students walking with their heads down, Gray clouds above their heads while feeling a downward spiral of emotions, Sadness, fear, and anger being just a few. Expressions as if on death row while students plod towar (More)
Falling Down
By Matthew Hembrador     I’m dying inside Everything inside is aflame. There is no breeze as I descend. I’m falling. The feeling of neglect like a withering plant Like an abandoned toy. Was messed around with no c (More)
Ode to Tom Hanks
Nuvin Bazid 61 years of age Six feet and sage Thomas Jeffrey Hanks I felt the need to say thanks You have so much masculinity You make me question my sanity I’d travel many miles Just to see your smile You’re as iconic as O (More)
  By: Emma Comerford I wear clothes my parents approve Not worried what they’ll say, Just worried about you You sit and judge me like a show dog   Dressed to cover my shoulders Because we are solving the problem for (More)
The Tragedy of a school of fish
By:Carlton Krueger One warm, peaceful, and sunny day little fish are getting ready for school in the deep, dark, pacific they learned about big, blue whales and scary, terrifying sharks, but before long, they heard something from afa (More)
By: Eric Stoesser It all started off as a sunny and partly cloudy day, Beautiful, Friends and families having a fabulous day in Boston, Before the annual marathon. Then, Boom and a few seconds later Boom. People start yelling and everyone goe (More)
Everyday Life
By: Naomi Minwalla   I feel lost and unsteady My brain is like an endless roller coaster going round and round I feel walls closing in on me every second of everyday Everything falls apart but you just don’t know how to put it bac (More)
By: Kiran Smitka All over the world people stand for their rights As the country splits hands of peace join Stories come out and conspiracies are planted People nervous to step outside Parents refusing to let go of their children Pr (More)
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