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The Forest
By Toby McDonald.   Out in the forest, Where the hills are alive, And the campers roam free. The trees loom overhead, Showered in green, And abundant in shade. The overgrowth grows, Like a carpet of green, Nipping a (More)
By: Bryn Varanelli Again, for the third time this week, I see on my phone, the same thing.   Our country is broken glass, shattered and afriad of what comes next.   Tears and heartbreaks are shown everyday. From just (More)
Two Dimensions
Two Dimensions By: Shivani Rajagopal   It is like a mirror reflecting everything, both light and dark, It is like a gold chalice with elaborate designs filled with poison, Shading in a piece of art, a mix of neutral colors, The (More)
Ode to Chocolate Chip Cookies
By: Matthew Kerolos   Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oh how you make my mouth sing, Crunch, Crunch, Crunch.   You are one who brings joy, Comfort, and love to all.   You give shelter to those in need, You nothin (More)
By: Justin Hwang The worst feeling in the world When you lose someone so close to you Realizing that you will never see them again It hits you so hard and fast You don't feel anything except for tears You hear the sound of people mo (More)
By: Dhiya Srikanth   Panic   Clocks ticking The only sound you can hear Pencil scratches the paper faster by the second It should be pushing you forward But it’s pulling you back   In a room full of peopl (More)
Beauty's Mold
By: Rachel Perkins When we were five, We felt beautiful Beauty was not confined Or holding like a vice, When we were 14, we noticed flaws Rolls, Stretch Marks, Cellulite, Beauty begins to fit us, Into one specific mold, (More)
The Gas Station
By: Mya Campoverde The Gas Station    I pull up to the gas station Wet gas prices welcomes me The rain sings a song Of death And failure   I grab my beer I step out Look around In fear They can not k (More)
First Time Skating
Tripping and falling down but I keep getting back up I can see my dad on the other side of the rink Boom, boom my knees hit the ice My knees feeling like they were broken from hitting the ice so much The touch of the ice so cold, so hard (More)
Ode to Music
By: Srujana Yalamanchili “How to Save a Life” The sound piercing my ear; in a indescribable way, “Float On” Lyrics making my heart jump like a jump rope, “The Freshman” Guitar solo taking the lead with it’s twang, “She Has No Ti (More)
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