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Fourteen Nights
Duamel Martinez I hoped on to my laptop at about 7am very early. Then I stop to eat my breakfast around 10:40. The only reason i played was cause my family is tourn apart we just dont work good together like me with a golden scar. We dropped in sa (More)
Carmen cruz
Shadow A friend that never betrays you. A friend that fallows you to the grave. A friend that shares your memory. A friend that hides from other people. A friend that you can share your secrets with. A friend that never moves away. A fri (More)
By: Madison Garcia Red is all I see Except for the man before me Who pulled out a gun And said he was done With kids and their foolish ways   Laying on the ground  Without a sound No one will hear me No one will save me  now that I am (More)
Ode to Jolly Ranchers
By:Naeson Kathir I unwrap the delicate wrapper I turn the colorful rock In my soft ,small hands Like when you use a fidget toy I observe the imperfections Like a cat observing a mouse I move the intricate candy Toward my mouth (More)
Ode to the Beach
By: Emily Taylor Cold, crisp, and chilly water meet my toes Salty air like crunchy pretzels Little crabs finding their home Seaguls soaring like planes attempting to steal your food Sand falling through my toes Dolphins I see, the d (More)
Pollution is not the Solution
by:April Nguyen Blue is all I see The water crashing right beside me The seagulls chirping and the fishes swimming But what they don't see is poeple polluting our sea Plastic, Garbage, and glass oh my! If we countinue this they migh (More)
Ode to Pizza
By: Kaitlinh Nguyen Every Friday you lure me, Like a candy to a child. You bring my bitter mood Up like Christmas morning. Programmed like a computer, My automatic fingers dial and call the pizza bakery. Tik tok, Tik tok, (More)
By: Natalie Beach   We are children We have no say We have no truth   Even though we try- Even though we speak- We will not be heard   We are just like you Only young Yet you can speak You will be (More)
By: Sanjana Vandanapu Why Why Why, questions come across my mind, as I go through this  tragedy A monstrous attitude falls beneath me as I search for hope The hope of breakthrough from this horrible adventure Full of irritation, I conti (More)
An Ode to My Refrigerator
by Molly Kaplan   You stand like a trophy, gleaming in the soft light from the kitchen window. Your plain exterior nothing compared to what you hold inside. Two doors, only two doors stand before me and your delicious contents. (More)
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