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By: Caspian Bell The shrill scream of the whistle sounded across the field The game was done The score was 0-20 The season was done Our record was 0-9n I slumped to the sidelines Dripping in my sweat soaked clothes And surr (More)
Almost There
By: Stephen Davis   Boys were dropping Tilted Towers Everyone else, we devour On my way to the circle Oh look! There's a gun, and its purple I start to aim my gun I'm going to die, the glare of the deathly sun Down to my (More)
Sugar Rush
By: Emily Marohn   I walked into the kitchen And my stomach rumbled. The aroma of sweet, vanilla batter Filled my lungs. As I opened the oven, The heat slapped me in the face, And I knew the cupcakes Were ready. The (More)
Cool War Poem
By: Michael Johnston The conflict heavy Beneath my damp bright red bloody feet War rages Through the deadly bright fires The gunshot echos Loud but soft all the same Am I the killer Or is the killer the country Or the weapo (More)
3 Words
By: Shruti Adavelly Plink! Plink! The hush drops sounded from the leak on the roof. My grandmother knitting, waiting as time ticked by, but never speeding up. Worry line creased her forehead, newly formed. I sat confused waiting for the h (More)
Ode to Rain
By: Alexis Lee   Rain, rain, rain Rain is like life Scattered powered-puff clouds bring rain and Colors like Emerald, which gleams in the sun Lavender, the aroma of tranquility Peach, the honeyed tasting fruit Without (More)
By: John Viney It is impossible that you haven’t felt this before People feel it when they are younger than four    It’s like warm summer days Or the sun’s bright rays It can help you out of the worst times And makes you feel good n (More)
On the line
By: Grant Catello The sun beating down on my face turning it red I was looking down at the line that was as white as snow I was making sure not to go until I heard “set black go” Sweat dripping down my arms and into my palms It was a (More)
Flight 2004
by Julian Yi my plane starts to move and suddenly i start to see as i fly into the skies of curiosity i see the other planes   we've been through crackling thunderstorms but that did not stop us from flying as dozens and (More)
Preet Singh Close your eyes And lay your head down There's no need to worry Close your eyes And let your dreams put you to sleep Don't let anything wake you from your deep slumber Close your eyes Your bed is a single cloud in (More)
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