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Will the Future Give Us Freedom?
By Sean Peacock   Will the future give us a choice? Will the future be a choice? Will our statue still stand, As it has for years.   Will our rights still live, Or will rights be extinct? Of all the choices in the (More)
The moving vehicle felt like I was riding a bull in a rodeo The smell of cold air in the changing atmosphere tickles my nose The wind is crashing into my face without giving pain My vision blurs as my eyes shut tightly The world turns pit (More)
The Walk to the Bandroom
By: Emily Luu   I walked My boots clunking against the floor Students rushing past me Shoving and pushing from all angles Fiddling my thumbs and My breathing Uneven   I finally reached my destination My hear (More)
By: Rana Ghafoor   I was finally there. My face lit up. Skies as blue as the ocean. The sun was smiling. Whoosh. The subtle wind blew against my skin, giving me goosebumps. I saw family and old friends. Smiles and lau (More)
The strange Building
By: Barleen Kaur I walked and walked, too afraid to make a sound I followed my friends here To a mysterious building that they have found I never wanted to come here but I didn’t want my friends to think I’m weird But darkness is the o (More)
By: Aison Tran   A knight standing over his fallen enemy, Like a world without limits.   Cheering and clapping, Gleaming gold and wide grins.   Everything you have worked for comes together, This is where hard work pays off. (More)
School shootings
By: Kendall Powell   Bangs and screams Everybody is shaking and hiding Your heart beat at 1000 bpm Nobody knows who’s okay and who isn’t Silence surrounds students, teachers and volunteers Shaking, waiting and looking aroun (More)
No More.
By: Jahnavi M.     We march through the sullied streets of our country, With our glaring and garish signs casting a subtle shadow across the sky. Gold swords and obsidian daggers held high, And our heads held higher. Th (More)
I'm Not The Spotlight
By: Catherine Choi I stumble through the hallway making "click"s as I walk. My colorful dress flows uncomfortably but that is okay. When I lift my eyes to make an eye contact with the spectators, I'm nothing but embarrassment and regret. (More)
My First Dub
By: Ethan Ogle   My first dub in Fortnite, It was epic, The games leading, I got eighth, third, and second.   There was sweat on my controller, Making it slipery, Trying so hard, My eyes are really squinty. (More)
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