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By Jackson Painter   My once friend, now my enemy. I was stabbed in the back. I was bitter and wanted revenge. Luckily i didn’t have to obtain it myself. One day i was driving and I saw something. There was a crash and the pe (More)
A Day In Summer
By: Vatsa Setty   The warm, humid, bright day of summer comes to a start, Children riding their bikes and laughing happily, The ice cream truck pulls over with its melodious jingle, People flood the amusement parks in hope of havi (More)
An Ode to the Spicy Chicken Sandwich
By: Marcus Dixon The spicy The dicy The O’so delicate Perfection in food form Sunflower seeds reflect the sun’s glow Buns with the stars shine Lettuce from the heavens Succulent tomatoes from the garden of eden Cows with the divine milk (More)
Ode to Garlic Bread
By: Maria Alexeenko Garlic Bread The best thing since sliced bread. Nothing can go wrong with it. The crispy, buttery goodness With the perfect amount of garlic. From Olive Garden to home made, Sourdough, baguette, brioche, and b (More)
Rick Astley For President (Inspired By)
Written by: Jacob Vail   He’s never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give (More)
The Balance Beam
By: Emily Hyun Fear is something I've unwillingly instilled in gymnasts at a young age. I watch from a distance as the girls greet the other apparatuses with smiles as big as the moon. But as they approach me, their eyes open wid (More)
Ode to Nail Polish
A previous shoebox now filled with glass bottles. Glazed black caps screwed on secure. What seems like hundreds of colors posed upright, lined in rows, and rows, and rows.   Azure, the color of the sea. The blush of (More)
By: Divya Kumar The birds were chirping their faint songs The sun slowly creeping out behind the mountains The courts dark blue under layer Popped out from the green strokes of color The crisp, white lines defined the ground The net (More)
The Real Reality
By: Kassandra Reyes   I pinched and hit But it did no good, This is our reality The world in which we live   Pain, hurt, sadness Our reality The skies turn as dark As their lonely hearts And shield the light (More)
The Old Iron Gate
The dark water gleamed, as the bright moon peaked its head, out from the dark clouds.   An old iron gate, stood next to the dark water, bathed in the moonlight.   Long left forgotten, abandoned by its makers, standing all alone. (More)
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