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By: Jason Taylor Seeing the towering mountain of steel and hard labor We walked the year long que to the ride My stomach tightening as we came closer to the front of the line The cart finally came a stop The sweat collected on the hand (More)
Ode to Coffee
by Tim M Fresh roasted beans soaked in scalding water. Passing off their character to a dark mixture Bitter, yet pure. Through the gate, fragile and thin- and into the mug. Add sweets to taste, the feeling is as warm (More)
The Greatest Escape
By: Rebecca Cherian ----- I noticed her leaving knowing exactly where she’d be I waited a few moments and then went to see   I was right of course as I spotted her, Sitting under the emerald green tree   I (More)
Ode to Zestiness
By: Sophia Thota A sensation. Overwhelming joy. Leaving a spark on your tastebuds. A bright color. A message of bliss. A youthful pleasure. It's the extroverted friend. Plainly humerous. Spontaneous. Like a zealous child (More)
By Sloane Helmick My abyss and my home More comfortable in it now then before I knocked on the door and I was greeted by a strong embrace I slipped as it constricted me and pulled me deeper It’s intentions were clear as it threw me around an (More)
Ode to My Violin
by Shreya Krishna From the tender age of five I had always admired you Your rich sound Like voices singing Resonating so magnificently Your gentle melody Which can illuminate any darkness Just like glowing fireflies   Your texture is (More)
Ode to Family
By Heather Sakmyster Ode to Family The rainbow after a storm All the colors come together Producing a whole relationship Like the pot of gold that lies at the end Your family is there always waiting for you They are like the blan (More)
A Day At The Beach
By:Veronica Burns A Day At The Beach I woke up early in the morning Trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes The sun shone extremely bright, I walk to the beach with my family My flip flops echoing through the dunes and the waves reve (More)
Remember the waves Just like you they have highs and lows But they never complain or stop, Yet they all have a breaking point Just like you Remember the tides As they come and go So do you Too and fro Remember the waves. (More)
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