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Facing the Music by Jason Nguyen
I glance over the rows of seats And below the glaring lights Is a restless crowd. As my hands fly back And forth across the keys while the others frantically Bow back and forth, The minute movements of shuffling feet And squeaki (More)
Ode to Ice Cream
By: Samantha Borromeo Oh, ice cream! You are a piece of Heaven on Earth My addiction My counselor My love My favorite food! I am attached to you like the strongest magnet on Earth You come around on the hottest of days And (More)
By Alexis Mendel Another yelp of thunder boomed from above like God scolding us for being so mischievous   The radio gurgled one song after the other making us scream along to inaudible lyrics Dancing Queen Blared in rhythm As (More)
Ode To My Pillow
By Charity Witcher Pillow. You keep my head warm   you provide a soft cussion beneath my tired skull   you drown out the sound of thunder, on a stormy night   you sheild my face (More)
A Saturday morning
By: Christine Jang I slowly open my groggy eyes. Swaddled by my feathery covers. The murmur of each raindrop falling onto the hard rooftop Fills my ears. My colorless, Yet simplistic Room is dimmed by the half opened curtains, (More)
The Walk Off
By: Peter Hoenig Down 7-3   The bases loaded   The bat handle greasy   The crowd silent   Butterflies in my stomach   The pitchers eyes beamed at me   Then the pitch   CR (More)
Ode To Softball
By Audrey Hood I picked you up for the first time When I was only five years old. From the moment I started I knew it was right, as if it was destiny. You were with me when my father was trying To teach me how to throw a ball for the first t (More)
Time to Take Action
By: Lauren Wilson   Hundreds of lives taken from children at a place they are supposed to feel safe Their parents despair like a thousand bullets to the heart Feelings that shouldn’t be felt but are Letting this happen we are r (More)
Good Vibes
By: Logan Boddie Tall standing trees dancing in the breeze The sun peaking through its bright green leaves making shadow puppets on the grass Joyful solitude Waking up naturally to birds singing at your window With the energy to start (More)
My Hopes
by Max Muldoon My Hopes   I hope for a day when all have food I hope for a day when everyone greets each other with an affable mood I hope for a day when birds always sing I hope for a day when a husband and wife are united for (More)
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