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The First Dance By: Ashley Shockley
The bright lights were shining Everyone was staring The judges with pens in hand The music starts blaring I suddenly start to move The wind has been taken out from under my feet I’m flying through the air Upside down and all arou (More)
The Silent Finger
By: Adhya Ravikumar In a world of my memories I thought of it as an illusion An incident my mind had created There at the crook of my neck I had felt it An airy ....................... Almost comforting touch of a finger My ad (More)
The doors
By: Aleena The cold metal doors closed on my leg Sweat dripping down my face My leg was trapped My ears pounding with my heartbeat I screamed for help, but no one heard Bystander’s voices faded away as I went into shock Elbows s (More)
Moving On
Moving On   Heart Broken All that I can be Like a bird, Fallen out of a tree. Tears sting my eyes, I cannot see. After she left Nothing was the same. It came as a surprise To no longer be able to see the light i (More)
A Day At The Fair
By: Anisa Kalai   Screams and laughter floating through the air, bright lights and tasty sights only at the fair. Fluffy cotton candy, crunchy funnel cake, add some fried oreos, it’s worth the stomach ache. Sticky fingers clutc (More)
The Run Away Balloon
Indraja Kirvelaitis above our heads pale green leaves shiver softly whispering into the wind a shower of sunlight falling through the leaves its warm drops warming my face your eyes fluttered looking at the little girl chasin (More)
A Winding Dirt Trail
A winding dirt trail is where it began through the vast vegetation and the cheering, colorful birds the dark green Forest on either side of me highlighting the path I longed to take as I mounted my metal horse and aquired my armor the (More)
The Spelling Bee
By: Jess Nguyen Tic tok Tic tok The clock counting down I’m running out of time It was the semifinals So close yet so far to getting 1st place Sweat Coming down my face Eyes All on me Pressure Everyone putting on (More)
A Summer Storm
By: Athan Burke The sun was out but hiding behind the clouds There was big gusts of wind, blowing fresh air on me My hammock swung lightly in the canopy I could see butterflies hovering above me And a bird was chirping in the distance (More)
  Summer By: Nicholas Chang   When the final bell rings the sun will shine brighter When the final bell rings the grass will look greener Summer time is here and school is let out All the kids will be free like flying b (More)
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