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Only Myself
By: Visvajit Murali I walked through the grass Dragging my feet through the wet, soggy, brown mud Feeling the pain grow Grow larger than the sun I sat down on the curb Cried in my arms Regretting everything I have done Thinking (More)
Black Hole
By: Esther Yu A black hole, endlessly sucking you in Like a deep, dark pit Waiting for you to stumble and fall To catch you with its heavy grasp Dark ribbons strangle you with their icy grip Unable to reach for air A breath, out of (More)
Hope & Dread
By: Lily Kang Eyes eager Eyes anxious Hands clenched Hands  trembling Body restless Body limp I cannot wait Voice feverish in excitement Voice silent in fear Faces bright like the sun on a summer morning Faces withdrawn like a flower wit (More)
Heart in the Snow
By: Bill Pek I'm all alone Don't call my phone Do I wanna cry? No, I wanna say goodbye Between you and I, this is do or die Skies were grey, so you flew a kite You reeled me in so I would bite You brought me in and gave me com (More)
A New World
By: Kristen Kotecki Waking up every morning, The same daily routine, Some people are gloomy, And some are living the dream, I think now is the time, Everyone far and wide, Instead of always being the same, Switch and up and do (More)
Ode to the Sun
By: Peter Dang   I look up to the skies with my littles eyes the Sun, its smile with the heat as warm as a deep hug   As bright as the smartest minds A producer to the consumer Light into power The Sun is the h (More)
Ode to 3rd Block
By: Alison Gittelman   Otherwise known as Lunch. You lay out your picnics like an elegant buffet. Giant bags of snacks reveal a hunger that cannot be satiated by A nibble. This is the devour hour.   The crunchi (More)
Jelly Winner
The bleachers were packed like an ant hill As I walked on the court, I could feel their eyes The feeling of anxiety covered me like a wool blanket The player walked over to their positions The ball was thrown in the air like confetti A (More)
A Winding Dirt Trail
By: Bella Neff   A winding dirt trail is where it began through the vast vegetation and the cheering, colorful birds the dark green Forest on either side of me highlighting the path I longed to take as I mounted my metal horse (More)
That Day
 By: Erica Shin It was last month. The month that I enjoyed it for the first time. That day of the month, Enjoying the time with friends Not caring what anybody else was thinking. Enjoying every second of my time, Feeling (More)
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