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The First Time
By: Sanjana Annapureddy The first time I went to a concert, I was thirteen The sun was slowly setting, creating a rainbow colored sky There was a slight breeze brushing past us, picking up everyone's excitement and carrying it through (More)
Hope & Dread
Hope                                                                                                                                                                                   Dread Eyes eager Eyes anxious Hands clenched Hands trembling (More)
Walking Through the Woods
By: Eric Trinh   The wind whistling through the trees, blowing me toward the ground. Twisting, turning, and tumbling, slowly going down. I can feel i’m reaching near death. Remembering I was born greener than every tree in t (More)
By: Kaurvaki Bajpai   Stress slowly consumed me, gnawing at my mind. But it disappeared like a cry into the wind. I was in paradise.   Ocean breeze gently blew the hair from my illuminating eyes. Barren land stood in fr (More)
The Best Forest
By: Arnav Tiwari The rainforest contained luminous flowers, With animals very diverse. The long trees shadowed the grounds like towers, The elegant waters were where the otters immerse. When travelers arrived from various places, The (More)
The Snowball
Outside it is freezing cold, So I feel quite bold. This time I will ensure a story is told. The wind is whistling, The snow is glistening. It is my time to shine. I load myself back, Ready to attack. At last, I shoot straight (More)
New Life
By Emma Stopper The first time my world changed The crowd jostling me My head was swarming with new opportunities The quick city Made my thoughts sprint Conversations fly past Rent, roommates, romance Dozens of bodies (More)
by: Abby Montgomery   That’s it they are gone Like leaf in the wind The feeling of being punched cripples me No way to relieve the pain They are gone Death stood by the door long enough and then finally took them away The (More)
Ode To Noodles
By: Andre W. Choi I love you You are saucy I want to chew you like I chew bubble gum, Forever You are wet like my shots Your soup is like the Sun, It warms me up It makes me want to gulp you up I want to eat you With Kim (More)
The Lonely Road
By: Rachel Najjar As I look around I see families, friends, and couples All together Loving, laughter, and smiling But when I look at my own reflection I only see a broken heart written on me As I walk down this lonely road Th (More)
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