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The Fight
By: AJ Rush   The snow is cold as ice the ground is a blanket of white we hear angry yelling then snowballs came from every direction AMBUSH my friend was hit now we go our captain said throw we all launched our bal (More)
The Pond
Caitlyn Jackson   The warm breeze hugged my skin The setting sun peeked over the clouds and the sky was the color of fire My bobber got a tug and the ripples grew with each passing second like coffee spilling on a table T (More)
By: Eli Edelman Bus stop packed with impatience Horns honk at people Waiting for the clock to turn (More)
By: Eli Edelman Distant cracks from tree branches Waist deep in a stream Sunlight blocked by dancing leaves (More)
By: Eli Edelman The waves crashing on the sand The sun warms me up Relieved from every day stress (More)
Steph Curry
By isaiah harris   My peom is inspired by Steph Curry He is a good shooter he has light skin he's shot 1 million shots his daughter loves her scooter hes not smart, he needs a tutor his handles are fire to get strong, (More)
By: Anthony Pang   Wind blowing on the leaves, making them rustle. Hearing the sound of bees, listening to their bumble. And with that comes the pounding thunder, the clouds shouting out from the sky. Now the lawnmowers come out, with (More)
The Babbling Brook
The Babbling Brook By: Rishi Bhogaraju   The calm, peace of the trees  The soothing melody of the brook The fresh, sweet air, spread throughout the woods Calm, as the peaceful, babbling brook The sweet song of the bird (More)
Equality By: Liliana Gines   “I swear to the Lord, I still can’t see why Democracy means, everybody but me.” Equality cackles at me, for it’s nothing but a utopia for the rich, written on paper, nothing more Our suffering is the s (More)
By: Emily MacDonald     Day after day camouflaged in cosmetics Trying to feel beautiful and aesthetic Wanting to fit in And feel comfortable in their skin   Hiding behind the faces they wear Hoping that peop (More)
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