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Peace All Around
By: Eric Wilfong     Violence doesn't build people up It breaks them down Why can't there be peace all around   There's good in everyone You can see it in their eyes But the decisions that some people make (More)
By: Maritza Baptiste   I feel the rain wash over me as I watch my colors fade I feel the memory embrace me with songs of my past days I know we must keep walking onward we must go But leaving time behind is not easy I should know (More)
By: Gurnasib Rataul When the Thanksgiving decorations go down, And the Christmas tree goes up, Christmas is here. Carrying the tree down gently feeling its' flaky and spiky bristles The walls take in the sharp, fresh smell of the pine tre (More)
Plans, Hopes, and Dreams
By: Rashmi Admala   Plans, hopes, and dreams Eighteen-year-olds waiting to graduate Holding onto their grasp of freedom Summer plans waiting to be conquered A few more days felt like aching years   The roaring conver (More)
Middle School
By: Ryan DelVecchio I stepped off the bus in a state of fear waiting for my friends to get off I could see the mysterious building from where I was standing My legs were shaking just like jello My heart was beginning to race and beat fast (More)
The Eye of the Storm
By: Pratha Ravani The wind tore through the air screaming and smashing everything in its path howling with no mercy the rain smashing with the same amount of fury drenching everything as it lays its wrath when suddenly for (More)
By Ava Allen You who watches our children die But who claims gun control is the reason why You who speaks words forged in someone else’s mouth While the bullets rain down You, disgusting you who claims to care While overlooking souls that were (More)
By: Madeline Reames & Sophia Szabos Paranoia                                            Person Here they come Watching you Judging you That’s not true It can’t be true How would you know? I’ll talk to them They only want to hurt you (More)
Ode to Puppies
By: Amrita Lal   Take it in; that luscious new smell. Just one touch and you suddenly feel secure. Their warmth spreads like an epidemic. You wrap your arms around for comfort clutching your best friend like you grab your ph (More)
Cold, Cold, Vile you, You who ends lives at the age of sixteen, All it takes is a sound, Then Gone, Empty, Selfish you, Feeding off lives of youth, Don’t open the doors, You could turn around, But you won’t, And you (More)
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