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Steph Curry
By isaiah harris   My peom is inspired by Steph Curry He is a good shooter he has light skin he's shot 1 million shots his daughter loves her scooter hes not smart, he needs a tutor his handles are fire to get strong, (More)
By: Anthony Pang   Wind blowing on the leaves, making them rustle. Hearing the sound of bees, listening to their bumble. And with that comes the pounding thunder, the clouds shouting out from the sky. Now the lawnmowers come out, with (More)
The Babbling Brook
The Babbling Brook By: Rishi Bhogaraju   The calm, peace of the trees  The soothing melody of the brook The fresh, sweet air, spread throughout the woods Calm, as the peaceful, babbling brook The sweet song of the bird (More)
Equality By: Liliana Gines   “I swear to the Lord, I still can’t see why Democracy means, everybody but me.” Equality cackles at me, for it’s nothing but a utopia for the rich, written on paper, nothing more Our suffering is the s (More)
By: Emily MacDonald     Day after day camouflaged in cosmetics Trying to feel beautiful and aesthetic Wanting to fit in And feel comfortable in their skin   Hiding behind the faces they wear Hoping that peop (More)
By: Max Villegas Tick Tock goes the clock, As I wait in bed to fall into a state of mind My thoughts haunt me, but one conquers, Dominates them all, like the nucleus of a cell Or the alpha of a wolf pack It’s the water that I drink (More)
Dad in the Dirt
By: Brent Taylor   He feels so ready But his palms are so sweaty Second guessing himself He looks up on the shelf He sees a picture of his wife holding his baby I’ll see her again he thinks I’ve been thinking of her la (More)
By: Mohamed Idris The cold wall behind me, Is eating away at me. Just like everything else, In this wasteland. The Canned Food they give us, Might as well be the dirt we build on. The happy cries above long gone, Replaced by d (More)
The Problem with Politics
By: Ashish Sakhuja   Loud tirades given back and forth, New problems left unsolved, Argument and grudges held against one another.   It’s chaos, its a rampage, it’s a huge mess, it’s politics, It’s the cause of uproars (More)
My Missing Piece
By: Abby Luck My mind has been awake for a while The daunting song cried out a sad whimper As it reverberated around me I am a puzzle with a missing piece The brightness of my phone filled the room in an instance And the clamor of m (More)
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