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Ode to my Cleats
By: Marielle Thyen   Tinted gold laces Wrapped so tightly. Mud stains and ripped seams. Galloping like a stallion On my field of dreams.   You've taken me many places. With grit and glory. From snow to sand, (More)
Cookie Cutters
By: Manmayi Ghaisas I turn my cheek, but they are the same. I turn my feet, still the same. Made from perfect cookie cutters, Sparkling with embellishments. Trees, plants, and flowers, like estranged brothers and sisters. Beautiful, (More)
The Piano
By: Nandini Udaya Kumar I remember the way the keys felt, It was like I was floating in the air, The keys fell into a melody, Slowly and slowly and slowly, when I played the piano the tune sang, Ding ding ding lightly fading away, (More)
Ode ro Eggs
Ode to Eggs by: Amy Truong   When weekend mornings come around like the end of a race, I hear your sizzles, oh, what a pleasant sound Out of my bed and downstairs I go, you’re on the table like a gift from above, (More)
Ode to the Forest
By:Adam Jeong I walk, I walk into your towering trees like the blades of grass to a bumblebee I see, I see your deers staring at me, they are quiet like a sleeping mouse. I hear, I hear the chirping of your cricket they li (More)
A Midnight Scare
By: Ashley Walters   A peaceful shadow had settled over the room. I blinked comfortably, though unsure of why I was awake.   A whimper caused me to startle, propping myself on my elbows. A shadow circled by my fee (More)
Born into our world by Omair Islam
By Omair Islam I opened my eyes to see the world I am in, to look right into it's eye. To see it's pain, to see it's happines, And to hear it's cries.   I could feel the chills crawling up my spine, as if it was a spi (More)
Ode to Dusty
by Aaron Weidner What was once A brilliant Beautiful depot A source of material With extraordinary wood stacks Which were like Gods Many respected And many loved What was known as an OG place There from the beginning (More)
We hope for a day
By:Sydney Andrea We hope for a day when children can play, Safe and free from harm. Where lockdown drills remain just drills, A future where no childrens lives are lost. No more parents mourning their children, Whos lives were taken (More)
The Game
  By: GraysonStiles   I step back and shoot this shot is for everything the trophy is mine. 3 secconds are left the whole building goes silent I bring home the gold. They pass me the ball the game is now in my hands I have wo (More)
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