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Dream Date
By: Gaby Figueroa-Badel Strolling along the boardwalk, The crunch of sand bits under our shoes, A strong mix of scents fill the air, One of sweet fluffy clouds sold on a stick, Another of the tangy salt air, Both blown up in our f (More)
You Don't Know
By: Ritwik Rangu   Boom Bang Don't tell me you know how I feel Unless you have seen your best friend ooze blood Heard ear piercing gunshots Don't tell me that they are free I am not the man I used to be   Why d (More)
To Growing Up
by Isabel Yabes   “All grown-ups were once Children… But only a few of them Remember It...” How dim The future Will be Should we lose That innocent child’s voice That cries out to us “Come back! Come back!” (More)
Ode To A Book
By Sneha Rajaraman I see you lurking on the brown, dusty shelves. The one who provides beautiful hallucinations to one’s mind.   You are the inspiration to children, laughing as they hear you. You (More)
By. Kadin Sint   There once was a man Who struggled to find the right job He had many jobs to choose from, Each job offer different, a different path, a different ending, His future depended on his choice, Completely u (More)
First Burger
By Jason Sumner The lot was old and sprinkled with weeds just like their buns topped with sesame seeds. I could not hold the hunger and excitement within as I passed the trash bin. As I moved to the front of the line I took no ti (More)
i start to hear the rain come down i can see the trees sway back and forth because of the wind i see the rain bounce of the road i can feel the house shake every time it thunders the lightning lights up the dark rooms i hear the bings (More)
Avengers Infinity War
By Avery Parker The sweet smell of popcorn and slushies lingered in the air With every sound of a wrapper crinkling and crunching My fists grew tighter together and the skin on my fingers felt as if microscopic pins and needles were pun (More)
A Dream
By: Trisha Kamdar “BANG” goes the gun shot right at the student as I’m headed home The antagonist says “freeze”, and I stopped in my tracks and felt something in the pit of my stomach My teacher stood right in front of me As the bull (More)
An Ode to Loki
By Isabel Layman   The trickster Brother of Thor Odinson Adopted Brinigs chaos To every planet Like a newborn Left alone Or a nightmarish Snowstorm The God of Mischief Determined Never stops Until he's f (More)
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