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Day on the Beach
By: Keira Nguyen   Her eyes flutered open Hands reaching over to turn off the alarm She sits up in her bed yawning Her legs swing over Landing on the rough, white carpet She walks over to the closet Changing her outfit Then wa (More)
Ode To Lacrosse
By: Nate Murphy The game brings me joy on and off the field the brotherhood last forever like a fraternity the love to compete drives me endlessly the game is life the connections and friends made become as close as family the intense at (More)
By: Stephen Wojciech As the majestic sunset dims away and as today will soon be yesterday I stand with nature between me nature as beautiful as it can be An exotic smell of pine the flowers smell just as fine And to think why (More)
When Doth the Sun Shine Again
By: Anahi Padilla I lay, I die, in my grave down below my grave of hate and red and loss bereaved of Your Grace’s heavenly rays I lay, I wither, strapped to the cotton and fabric by cold sweat unable to free myself from chains and thorns my (More)
The Desolate Tundra
By: Varun R. I stand in the bitter cold as my teeth chatter in this desolate wasteland I look towards the mountains glazed with snow with ruptures throughout the ground When it turns to night I slither to a crack under my tent to preserve he (More)
Baseball Vs Soccer
By: Willem and Mason I am a baseball player                                  I am a soccer player I love playing sports I hit a baseball                                                I kick a soccer ball I love practicing this sport E (More)
The Rainforest
By:Arnav J. As I venture through the leafy darkness The trees start to encompass me in a cocoon. I feel the breath of hundreds of animals and plants The birds chirpings are the annoying alarm clock that spreads throughout the forest. C (More)
Path to heaven
By: Tyler Shin I walk on this pathway, it is similar to heaven The energy around me is bright and clear The reflection of the pond is like a mirror The vibrant plants are filled with colour All things around me are dazzling and s (More)
The Harsh Desert
By: Charan Sattiraju As I walk through this barren landscape all I can see is the sand sea The cracks in the ground and the heat are as common as the green grass and birds back at home The animals here have adapted to the brutal extrem (More)
Ode to my Cleats
By: Marielle Thyen   Tinted gold laces Wrapped so tightly. Mud stains and ripped seams. Galloping like a stallion On my field of dreams.   You've taken me many places. With grit and glory. From snow to sand, (More)
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