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The Beach
The Beach A cool breeze, whistling to me Water vapor softly cooling my face Sand beneath me, between my toes Not scorching, as it usually is on a hot day like this But giving me warmth Spreading throughout As I lay, looking out In (More)
The jungle
Water trickling down jagged rocks. Birds jumping from tree to tree. The sun edging through the trees. Moss permeating through the dead plants. A light mist hangs in the air. Deers convene in a spring. The water glistening under the (More)
Ode to My Favorite Stuffed Animal
By: Ella Keenan Once young and bright Your formerly pink, blush fur Now matted and gray From all those late nights Protecting me until day   Stuffing now lost From countless hugs, Trips, and washes Now your back is (More)
My Piano Recital
By: Emily Lam I nervously reach the leather seat. My fingers tremble above the white and black keys. Without further thought, I brought myself to play. My fingers swiftly run across the piano, in accordance of each note in my music she (More)
My First Roller Coaster
By: Elise Chang   The sun shining A flashlight in my eyes The aroma of a pink, cloud like treat roaming through the air As I wait in this never ending line My hands shake tremendously A gust of wind passing me Carrying th (More)
By: Shivang Kulkarni   Shades of green all around Covers people from the sun Bright, beautiful trees (More)
By: Shivang Kulkanri   White, wispy clouds high Like a canvas in the sky Staring back at us (More)
By: Shivang Kulkarni   Roaring like lions Sending shivers through the ground Waves endlessly crash (More)
Ode to Stars
By: Srishty   Waiting for the sun to set for the lingering warm hues of day to fade out of the sky like water trickling through a stream in the woods   Only to be replaced with the inky black dome of the nig (More)
An Angel Without Wings
By: Diya Parikh She stretches her arms out, Of this cage called world, Staring up at the sky, Knowing that she was meant to fly, The stars peak out from the clear night sky, They were a thousand diamonds to the little girls eye, (More)
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