The effect of Social Media on Marketing

I sent this project to the the Marketing teacher Lindsay Friedman at Heritage whom I interviewed for my research paper. I selected her because she is very familiar with how social media has affected the way we market to consumers. As someone who has watched social media transform in the last decade and become what everyone relies on. Marketers have had to change the way they advertise to consumers because of the different social media websites. She also is around teenagers all day and see’s how social media affects the generation that is growing up with it. 

For this project, I decided to do a google site because I thought it would be the best way to show my issue and allow others to easily read it. I am also familiar with google and thought it would be the easiest to create. I had some troubles trying to figure out what tabs I should do and what I should label them. It was hard for me to find pictures on Flickr because they were extremely limited in what I was trying to look up. My google sites was a much shorter version of my paper, I went through my paper and pulled out pieces that I thought were the most important.


In Virginia we are extremely blessed to get a taste of each season. My favorite season of the year is fall. The season where the leaves turn into vibrant shades of yellow, red, green, and brown. Where the weather changes from scorching and unbearable to chilly and comfortable.  Fall is the one season where the weather is perfect yet unpredictable still. Right when the weather is transitioning from summer to fall that’s when I don’t know if I should wear shorts and a tank top or jeans and a long sleeve. Fall wouldn’t be fall without the pumpkin patches, scary houses, mazes, and hay rides. My favorite childhood memory from fall is carving pumpkins with my grandparents every year.  My grandparents always made it a priority to carve pumpkins up until my siblings and I were in sixth grade. Halloween is another big thing associated with fall. However, this year doesn’t seem to feel very much like fall. I haven’t gotten to do a single fall activity because of how busy i’ve been with school stuff. Today is Halloween, and I’m now regretting not getting to do anything because it doesn’t seem to feel like Halloween at all. Especially considering that I have to work on Halloween I don’t think I will be doing anything to make it feel like the holiday. My goal before Thanksgiving is to go to at least one haunted house and to go to a maze because before I know it the Christmas festivities will begin!

The Final Year


When people say that time flies by it really does. It seems like just yesterday I was an incoming freshman in high school. Who was scared to walk in the halls because I didn’t know which hall was what number. Now i’m the oldest person in the school, a senior who is doing many things that i’ve done all the years before, but it’s different. It’s the last year I will be doing all of these activities. It feels so bittersweet that I just had my last homecoming dance, my last fall pep rally, my last homecoming spirit week and im about to go to the last home football game. Everything seems so weird to me because I don’t feel like a senior, I feel like when I was a freshman all of the upperclassmen looked so much bigger. It’s so sad to think that high school went by in a flash of time. I almost wish I could have a time machine so I could look bad at the memories of the past three years of my life. I can’t believe im taking my last english, history, science, and math classes that I will ever take in high school. I can’t believe that the school I dreaded going to and waking up at 7:30 AM for will be over in no time. I wish time would slow down this year so I can appreciate hanging out with my friends, family, and living at home for the last year. It feels sad to think that in a year, my life will be completely different and I have no clue what I will be doing, but I can’t wait.

Beginning of Senior Year

Starting off this year I didn’t know what to expect. All I’d heard was that it was the easiest year yet. However, it feels the complete opposite, with college applications, working, volunteering, and still the school work of senior year. It seems to be the most stressful year of all. Worrying about what colleges i’m applying to and the due dates of all of them on top of every other due date for school just seems to be an endless pile of to do’s. Each college needs something different, whether its 2 letters of recommendation or 3, a different essay for each school, or even a personal question. On top of which ones want one thing, but not the other. Another main thing that seemed like it was going to consume my whole life was volunteering for school. When I first heard the amount of hours required for Pride in our community and National Honor Society it seemed to feel like it was extremely overwhelming. I never thought I would complete so many volunteer hours optionally for school. However, I am slowly trying to figure out a plan to fit in everything I need to do, while still having enough free time to do fun things. This year seems to be the hardest, but hopefully the most worth it in the end. The whole goal of high school for me was to get into a university that I wanted to go to. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Being Vulnerable in your College Essay

Being vulnerable is a good thing for a college essay. Being vulnerable sometimes can come off as weak, but I think that in college essay it shows strength. It shows personality and that you actually have real feelings in your writing. Colleges don’t just want a straightforward essay that has nothing to it, they look for the essays that have character. Many people want to fit right in and hide just like the world seems to teach us nowadays, but when talking about yourself the people reading the essays want to be engaged in what their reading. Writing an essay can be hard, especially having to come up with something that you think will actually interest colleges. 


Writing about the hardships that you’ve went through in your life and all the struggles you’ve faced can be a hard thing. Bringing up all those memories again can make you feel sad and depressed. It is healthy though to talk through them and be able to share what you’ve gone through with others. So that hopefully it can help someone and make them feel better about what they’ve gone through. Many people feel scared to open up to other people, but everyone goes through things at one point or another. For some people it may feel like they have it worse than others, but it could just be how they express their emotions physically. I think that being your true self and writing from personal experience is the most important thing for a college essay.

High School Artifact

Looking back at high school something that stood out to me was my track states bib. It made all 3 years of running and countless practices worth all the work. This bib not only represents my accomplishment with my teammates who I’ve ran with for years. It represents a friendship and a team of people that I created such a fun memory with. Track is much more to me than running. Obviously I do it for the running, but I also do it for the team sport. From having practice 6 days a week with meets on Wednesdays and all day Saturdays. I found that at first I didn’t love sitting in the freezing cold on Saturdays, but with the right people it’s the best time. My favorite part is cheering on my teammates. If I could sit out and just watch them run I would prefer that than running. At the time I would complain about having to sit at a highschool an hour or so away in the cold or in the heat. Looking back on it now, it was some of the best memories in high school. Team sports keep you busy and on a fixed schedule, which helped me adjust to high school when I was a freshman. I would recommend for everyone to get involved in something in school. Whether it’s a sport, theatre, band, or clubs anything is good. Track taught me many things, but it is something that i’m going to miss so much next year and remember for the rest of my life.


Organic Object

I did not imagine that English class would start off like this. Writing about the Kiwano Melon I thought to myself what could I possibly say? Staring at the board on the second day of class trying to come up with something to write about this odd fruit sitting in front of my face. My first thought was that this fruit had the perfect orange vibrant, vivacious color. The fruit had these horns sticking out all over them sporadically. Just like on us we have freckles all over our skin that are randomly placed. As the melon began to slowly ripen it changed quickly into a squishy, putrescent fruit. It made me think about how people are constantly changing in their own ways. The melon may age much faster than us, but we both age at some point. Thinking about how the fruit must’ve come from a tropical rainforest in a beautiful place like Costa Rica. It made me reminisce on when I was there. My grandparents 50th anniversary and the best trip of my life. The thought of walking through the rainforest looking up at all of the beautiful scenery and the exotic animals. The thought of spotting a sloth up high in the trees and getting excited that I could spot one. Yes, yes it would be nice to imagine that the fruit would come from such a beautiful place like Costa Rica, but the reality is it was most likely not. Just like us humans it is hard to tell where people are from just from looking at them. This small melon brought back such amazing memories that I never thought I would of remembered from it. 


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