PLaPalooza Reflection

I found today’s PLaPalooza very interesting.  The Discovery Education session was very informative.  I learned how to create boards on specific topics math, science and social studies.  Teachers can also search other existing boards to use as well.  Students can also create their own boards.  This would be more appropriate for grades 3-5 rather than K-2.  Teacher can attached specific videos and websites for students to watch and research.  The other session was on Math  PL in the K-1 classroom.  It showed many different ways to incorporate PL during math center rotations.  There were great suggestions on how to differentiate to accommodate all learners.  Students are given different number centers to focus on the specific tasks.

Stahler Feedback

I enjoyed my PL day at HHS.  I was able to chat with other educators about important topics ranging from how to use Google Sites to quickly build my own websites, to the use of digital formative assessments, all the way to how we as teachers can reflect on our own teaching and the ability of our students to reflect on their learning and employ meta-cognition throughout the day.

It’s of the upmost importance that students know the WHY behind what we are teaching them, that they are practicing, and that they invest so much time into.  Students can fill out worksheet after worksheet on addition and be successful, but if you don’t have a series of serious, planned, sequential numbers talks to support the instruction and act as the driver of concepts, school can becomes a kill and drill routine.

PL is an integral way that we as a community jigsaw and pool knowledge.  The efforts of the individual benefit the whole.