Being Awake

I started my reading today and decided poolside was a great location!  I’m loving this book – a quick and inspirational read!  A lot of things are sticking with me from what I’ve read so far, but one that really stands out is the concept of “being awake” (p. 21-23).  I feel like it’s so easy to get caught up in the go-go-go of life, and most certainly in our very regimented and packed teacher day.  This struck a chord with me because I don’t want to be a zombie in life or in the classroom – our students deserve so much more than that!  A quote from the text that I underlined and felt exemplified “being awake”: “It means slowing down, being alert to our environment, and not getting stuck in the mind/heart drain of modern society’s hyper-paced vortex” (p.22).   I know I often feel myself getting pulled into a drain when there’s so much to accomplish and (what feels like!) so little time to accomplish it.  Reading groups are a great example for me – there are too many times when, instead of really enjoying that time with the kids diving into a book, exploring words, etc., I find myself constantly checking the timer and stressing myself out.  Do I have enough time to ask this question?  This student isn’t getting CVCe, but I only have 2 minutes left!  Read faster, Johnny!  I want to make sure I get to word work today!  All these thoughts are going through my head when I really need to relax and be present.