At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of options available to choose from and if I would get information I can use ASAP instead of the usual sit, get, like/love, and forget because there is no time to incorporate a brand new instructional model after spending a lot of time setting routines in the beginning of the year. 2/3 of the sessions were very excellent. I realized part of the reason many of my playlists were unsuccessful were because I was trying to do TOOOOOOO much on them – making it nearly impossible for all students to be accountable for finishing work and impossible to grade and use more more than effort. I saw many examples of playlists that were much more manageable for students and teacher, making better use of everyone’s time. I also liked that in the SeeSaw session there was time to set up a class and get things going – so I didn’t leave the session with an immediate task. The only reason that one of the sessions wasn’t working for me was because it was a very strong secondary focus and although the content was very cool, it wasn’t going to be something that I could turn and use immediately, so that was a little unfortunate – mostly user error for not vetting my choices as closely!

PLaPlooza – Reflection

The information that was presented was very useful. Although, most of the PL PD’s are easier to implement with older students, not so much for Kindergarten. There were some things that I learned that can be implemented, like the playlist for kindergarten. I do feel as though in Kindergarten we need some more control, so scaffolding would work with personalized learning in centers in kindergarten.

I really like discovery ed and the ability to make boards and assign them to students.

PLaPalooza Reflection

I was excited to see what was offered today as we got geared up to learn more about PL. Going into Sched to schedule my events was overwhelming, there were so many choices and I was struggling to decide what I wanted to do. I tried to go to a different core piece of PL. I wish that the events would have been color coded to tell what grade level they would be most helpful for. I went to a session that was geared at all 10th and 11th grades individualized content based instruction and it was hard for me to get anything out of the session that I could apply in my classroom tomorrow which was disappointing as it was on a topic that I really wanted some pointers for. I feel that there were so many different sessions that went along together and only a couple of different topics covered (playlists, google classroom, station rotation, goal setting).

Giving some direction for presenters who were presenting some ideas of what they could cover may have helped get rid of some of the overlapping that occurred. The name of the session was different but the information was similar. I feel that as Sully Hornets we are rockstars at using PL in our classrooms and many of the sessions seemed redundant for us and I wish there would have been some sessions where we could have dived deeper into PL instead of just scratching the surface with using google classroom or playlists.

Overall the idea of having multiple sessions where we can share across the county different PL ideas that we can take and use in our classrooms is a brilliant use of Professional Development time, unfortunately the organization seemed slightly off. There wasn’t enough parking and all of the sessions that may have been more beneficial filled up quickly and we were unable to attend. Spreading it out over the day more and offering more sessions or at different schools may have helped some the congestion issues.

Reflect, Set Goals, Reflect, Repeat

I was really looking forward to the session on reflecting because I do not have my students reflect nearly enough and it’s also a weakness of mine. I gained so many resources for reflection, targeted instruction, and more through the Core Four Tactics Bank which I had never heard of but apparently everyone else has and it’s like a whole new world of ideas and examples. During this session I committed to implementing 1 new reflection and 1 new goal setting strategy starting in November and then building on that with more strategies as the next quarter begins and so on. 

BrainPop’s other resources

Today I learned about using BrainPop beyond the videos.  BrainPop has a classroom feature that connects to Google Classroom to import rosters.  From there, you can assign videos and follow up activities to students.  One feature is Make a Map which I might use to complement the videos I show.

Make a Map: similar to Boards in Discovery Ed – make concept maps with pre-loaded videos, pictures and vocabulary.  It will read everything to you and will tell you more info about each topic.


PLaPalooza Reflection

As a new member of the Sully AND LCPS families, I found the information presented today to be very useful as this is my first journey into the world of PL.   I enjoyed learning and working with other people from across the county and sharing what we know and do in our classrooms.  The Discovery Education and Goal Setting sessions were especially helpful.  The other session I signed up for was directed at secondary educators and it would have been helpful to have known that or had it explained in a clearer fashion so that I would not have attended that session and could have used my time for something that would apply to me.   I also was proud to see that so many of the things presented today are things we ALREADY do at Sully!