51. Reuse a Post

So who knew that 50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom is ACTUALLY 55?

I think that the ability to reuse posts in Google Classroom (from other classes even) will be great for us NEXT year! 🙂 With my push for using more Google Classroom this year – all of the hard work we are going to do will only make it easier for us in the future. Working smarter not harder – we should collaborate and use our resources, and then REUSE our resources.

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Welcome to Sully Summer Book Clubs!

As a staff, we are spending some of our summer months exploring a variety of topics in education. In the past we have read Teach Like a Pirate by Dave Burgess and have the opportunity this year to further explore the authors in his publishing company. With titles like the Wild CardPlay Like a Pirate, and Culturize (among many others) we are lucky to be able to dive into the areas that interest us and share that experience with our colleagues.

Throughout the summer we will be posting on this blog our reflections and thoughts about the books we are reading. Please check back periodically to see all of the things we are learning and hope to bring with us into the new school year!