Broadening My Network

Due to the fact that I grew up in an era where new advances in technology were at my  fingertips when I was as young as Kindergarten, I was very confident in my abilities when it came to apps like Twitter.  I started my own Twitter for my 2nd grade classroom this past year and enjoyed sharing photos about the fun ways we were learning.  I also enjoyed seeing what my coworkers were doing in their classrooms!  Though this was great, my Twitter participation was limited to mainly those things.  While I have been reading 140 Twitter Tips for Educators this summer, the main thought in my head was “I wish I had known this before”.  There are so many easy ways to bring professional development and professional leadership into your own personal Twitter sphere!  Something as simple as adding a period to the beginning of your tweet can share your own small-seeming ideas with other teachers around the country who may be looking for an idea just like that!  

One thing I am very excited about is something called Follow Friday.  By adding the hashtag #FF to your tweet and including the Twitter handles of inspirational educators, you can share those names with not only your followers but with other educators that are looking to be inspired.  What a great way to show the world the excellent teachers and administrators we have here at Sully!  For example, we may be able to learn from a teacher across the country with a wealth of knowledge in math workshop as we, in turn, can share with others the many great ways we support our English Learners.  By participating in something like Follow Friday we are broadening our range of Professionalism past the barriers of just our county.

As I look ahead to the rest of the book, I look forward to learning more about how I can broaden my own learning on Twitter and be more of  a participant in things like Twitter Chats. I have seen our awesome 2nd Grade team lead, Alaina Bear (Kudos Alaina!), participate in the LCPS Twitter chats throughout the year and am hoping that this book will give me the confidence to participate more myself!  

Happy Reading!