Woot Math

I love the idea of being able to give students examples of how to show their work.  With Woot Math, students complete a problem and then as they submit their work, their answers populate so others can see different ways to show work for the same problem.  I am thinking this might be a great way to mix up and make my number talks more exciting!

PLaPalooza Station Rotation

At PLaPalooza, it was exciting to be able to have choice in what PD I wanted to engage in.  One of the sessions I got a lot out of was the Math Station Rotation session.  On my third grade team, I plan math, so I was eager to take away some tips and strategies to make my math block better.  I was very impressed with the station rotation model that emphasized data driven flexible groupings.  The presenter also offered some strategies for engagement and classroom management like keeping the groups small and flexible, and giving the students opportunities to collaborate and make choices during each of the stations.

Overall, I was impressed with the PLaPalooza and can’t wait to start implementing some of the strategies I learned!