Reflecting on Knickmeyer’s Slide

I love the idea of having playlists in different formats other than the points format that I’ve been using. I think my kids would really enjoy another format like the coloring or BINGO to give them a goal other than just completing the tasks. My kids seem to struggle with completing their required tasks when they’re given other optional tasks so after reading Chelsea’s slide I think I might modify my points style playlist to incorporate the menu style and have an appetizer section that has to have a certain number of points before they can move on to the next portion of the meal.

Reflect, Set Goals, Reflect, Repeat

I was really looking forward to the session on reflecting because I do not have my students reflect nearly enough and it’s also a weakness of mine. I gained so many resources for reflection, targeted instruction, and more through the Core Four Tactics Bank which I had never heard of but apparently everyone else has and it’s like a whole new world of ideas and examples. During this session¬†I committed to implementing 1 new reflection and 1 new goal setting strategy starting in November and then building on that with more strategies as the next quarter begins and so on.¬†