PLaPalooza- Solano: Digital Formative Assessments

Solano: Digital Formative Assessments

Digital age has so much to offer. I believe that this  kind of assessment improves learning engagement and promotes deeper learning.  At the start it will time for the students understand the process but eventually they  will using technology as a Pro.. Would this be taking more time from the staff since preparation is a vital part to putting all the assessments together?  Our school already used technology for summative  asssessment and it did great.


Creating a Playlist like a Pro is one of the great ideas I learned today. It helps me see creative ways to engage our kids in their personalized learning.  I like the ideas of Bingo and coloring playlist which I believe that kids would love it too. Not only that they will like it but they will also accomplish more and see great progress.


Be The One For Kids

In my first blog I mentioned about one of my goals this summer is to visit families and my kiddos. I did accomplished one family. Chapter 73 talks about connecting with kids and their families, when we invest in relationships it involves time, effort and money, but it is worth it at the end. The family I visited were very excited and happy. The kids seems apprehensive about my plan, we went to Chuckie Cheese and we had so much fun.  It is a time well spent. BE THE ONE FOR KIDS inspired me to develop a habit of sowing good things into people’s live. Go out of my way to show somebody that he/she is special. Be interested in people and take time to let someone know that I care.


Is a life changer!! It’s easy said than done yet, as an educator we should BE THE ONE FOR KIDS… because in us is a great power to change the life of a child as mentioned by Ryan Sheehy. We have the power to bring life to unspoken dreams and we have the power to destroy a child’s dream. Whether you have a year or 30 some years of experience we all want to be better. We want to be more effective in our teaching jobs. BE THE ONE FOR KIDS inspire me to not be stagnant but  wants me to increase my influence as a teacher in the life of a kids. It takes me deeper into self-discovery that I am not an average educator who will settle for good enough only, however it will take me to a new level of experience to BE THE ONE WHO CONNECTS WITH KIDS AND KNOCKS ON THE DOOR. This is one of my summer goals to visit my former students and I will take them to a Kids playground or Chuckie Cheese and bond with them. I can’t wait to see my little angels having fun with me!!