PLaPlooza – Reflection

The information that was presented was very useful. Although, most of the PL PD’s are easier to implement with older students, not so much for Kindergarten. There were some things that I learned that can be implemented, like the playlist for kindergarten. I do feel as though in Kindergarten we need some more control, so scaffolding would work with personalized learning in centers in kindergarten.

I really like discovery ed and the ability to make boards and assign them to students.

Being OK with my way of being creative!

The Wild Card¬†is such a great read. I have enjoyed learning new ways to tap into my creativity and the way that I want to do it. Through the stories of Hope and Wade, I feel more comfortable to try new things. They both tell their stories of success’ and failures when it came to trying new things in the classroom.¬† I really like the fact that they talk about what they do and that it is always for the kids, even of they are going out of their comfort zone, they know that the students will really benefit from it so they take the risk.

I really love that Hope does a lot of room transformations, I love room transformations. I have only done this is small amounts with preschool students, but they loved and I could tell that they were learning so much from being immersed in the curriculum. I think that this is so critical for a demographic like the one we have Sully, they have very little background knowledge on so many things. Room transformations gives the students an opportunity to experience it. Hope and Wade also talk about doing these room transformations for topics that are hard for students to understand, this gives them more of a hands on experience and they end up learning the standards a lot better this way.

I am looking forward to reading more about how Hope and Wade have got students excited about coming to school. They have made it very easy for anyone to be creative, even if you think that you are not creative at all. They really help the reader to find their own way to be creative and to bring what they like into their classroom. One thing that Hope and Wade say that really stands out to me is, if you are not excited about what you are teaching then the students won’t be either. I truly believe that, I have seen both teachers that are excited and ones that are not and I could see how it effects their students, and it make a huge difference is performance from students. This book has been a great way to continue to be creative and provide a lot of hands on experiences for my students, because they need it. I can’t wait to finish it and read the stories Hope and Wade have to tell.