SPED PL Round table Discussion

This session gave the Special Education Teachers to discuss Personalized learning. We were asked to define PL, give strategies to create a playlist, give the pros and cons, and how PL can accommodate the needs of the special education students. I felt proud of our school as I feel that we are already pros in doing playlists. A lot of the SPED teachers in the room had a lot of questions on how to create playlists and the challenges they face on how to support their students.


Digital Formative Assessments:

The Digital Formative Assessments offers different options to give assessments (i.e., Answer Garden, Quizzes, Flipgrid).  With some of these apps, it gives the students the choice to make their own videos to answer a prompt. There are pre-made quizzes available, some does not require a log in, and some quizzes can be individual or whole group. This gives the teacher more flexibility on how to administer her assessments keeping in mind the needs of her students.



Creative Breakthrough

Part two of the book is about Creative Breakthrough. It talks about the steps/traits that an educator should try to develop – Awareness, Desire, Reflection, Engagement, Authenticity, Grit, and Persistence.

Hope and Wade talked about Rebecca, a middle-aged teacher, who had been teaching in fifth grade for many years in the same public school. She had built up large supply of teaching materials and knew her lesson plans by heart. She was at the stage where she is getting tired of all the repetitions and was experiencing burnout. This made me pause and reflect! Am I at the stage where I am now like Rebecca; uninspired, burned out, and just marking my time until retirement? This book is bringing me back that beautiful feeling of passion when I was starting my teaching career. It is making me reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, going out of my comfort zone, and find encouragement and support. I am excited to be the new ME!